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Cleveland (WJW) – cleveland browns Fans are in turmoil again as the NFL appeals. 6 game suspension for quarterback deshawn watson.

There’s no clear timeline for when the appeal decision will be made, but the first preseason game is a week away on Friday, August 12th.


As reported by FOX 8, deshawn watson He was suspended for six games on Monday. Watson and the players union said Sunday night they would not appeal.

The NFL said Watson violated three articles of its Personal Conduct Policy by engaging in sexual assault, conduct that poses a genuine risk to the safety and well-being of others, and conduct that undermines or jeopardizes the integrity of the NFL. Stated.

Former federal judge Sue L. Robinson agreed that Watson had violated all three articles, but did not grant the NFL-requested season-wide suspension. She ruled about six games based on what she said was the NFL’s own record for addressing her personal behavior issues.


Late Wednesday, the NFL announced that it appeal to stopNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Specified Book Peter Harvey To hear the appeal, the NFL said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

Under the rules agreed upon in the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ultimately has the final say, with one exception. The Commissioner has the power to “overturn, reduce, amend or increase any previously issued Discipline”, but the Commissioner cannot change a decision not to impose Discipline on a player. (Read more about his CBA below.)

NFL Player’s Assoc. said on Friday it had filed a response on the matter but did not provide further details.

When will the outage start?

Watson is allowed to participate in practice and preseason games until his suspension begins in the regular season.

Due to his current suspension, the games he will miss are:

  • Week 1: Browns @ Panthers, Sept. 11
  • Week 2: Jets @ Browns, Sept. 18
  • Week 3: Steelers @ Browns, Sept. 22 (Prime Time)
  • Week 4: Browns @ Falcons, Oct. 2
  • Week 5: Chargers @ Browns, Oct. 9
  • Week 6: Patriots @ Browns, Oct. 16

It’s not clear if the Browns will include DeShawn in the preseason game, which starts Aug. 12.

Will Watson still be paid?

deshawn watson signed a five-year, $230 million contract. cleveland brownsHis average annual salary will be $46 million in 2022, with most of it coming from signing bonuses.

Jacoby Brissett

Get the Brissett Jersey!he will become browns starter Brissett was signed the day after Deshawn Watson’s deal was announced, so he was the Browns’ plan all along.

he is a veteran Brissett is 29 years old and has played for New England he’s the Patriots, Indianapolis he’s the Colts and Miami he’s the Dolphins.

His career path completion rate is 60.2%. 6’4″ 235 lbs. The quarterback has been primarily a backup player during his career. His brief career as a starter was brought on by Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement announcement in 2019. The Colts went 7-9 on the season.

FOX 8 caught up with him in training camp this week.

“Since I got into this league, it’s been the next player. It’s been that way since my rookie days. Like you said, it’s been that way since I’ve been in the league. It also clearly helps understanding concepts such as “I must be ready whenever my number is called.”

What if Brissett gets hurt?

If Brissett is injured before Watson returns, the roster will have two more quarterbacks.

signed by the Browns Josh Rosen A few weeks before the first sentence was handed down against Watson, he signed a one-year deal.

In the 2021 season with the Atlanta Falcons, he appeared in four games, pitched two complete games, had 11 attempts, and had two interceptions and zero touchdowns.

signed by the Browns Joshua Dobbs 1 year contract in April. In 2021 he had no stats for the season and in 2020 he played one game with the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Watson I was accused of sexual misconduct by 24 massage therapists. He settled with his 23 of them.

He was not criminally charged.

Read CBA

In 2020, the NFL and the NFL Players Association have made changes to their Personal Conduct Policy.

Valid until 2030.

This version incorporated a disciplinary officer as to whether a player would be suspended.

Who will be Cleveland Browns quarterback after Deshaun Watson suspension? Source link Who will be Cleveland Browns quarterback after Deshaun Watson suspension?

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