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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — It’s been over a year since Old Tucson Studios closed. Due to the pandemic, the famous western attractions have been closed. Now, through a long and sometimes secret process, Pima County is preparing to announce who will take over the lease.

The filmmaker and chairman of the Arizona Film Expo at Darryl Mallet said:

Mallet was also a member of the Old Tucson Task Force in Pima County. They helped the county process find the right developers to take over the Old Tucson lease. I don’t know who the county administrator, Chuck Hackelbury, would recommend to the supervisor, but I understand that the decision will be announced shortly.

“They expect to be announced later this month or later next month,” Mallet said in an interview with Pat Paris of KGUN9.

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KGUN 9 contacted Pima County for a list of timeline and lease finalists. This statement was received from Scott Loomis, Pima County Procurement Design and Construction Manager.

“Pima County is in an active procurement process for selecting attractions operators / borrowers for Old Tucson properties through a qualified selection process. During the solicitation process, others who are not parties to this procurement regarding relevant information. You can’t interact with. For the utilization of property and assets. “

A new video of the property shows that county workers repaired the building and repaved the parking lot in preparation for a new tenant, while the county closed its doors about the future of Old Tucson.

While rumors continue to spread about who will take over the vacant property, Mallet is confident that the new company will not only reopen Old Tucson as an attraction, but also revive past historic films. say.

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“I and the people involved are eager to revisit some kind of filmmaking in the future,” Mallet said. “Don’t get me wrong. There was a movie made there. Even after the fire broke out in the 90’s, people were still shooting on and around the premises. Something formal as part of the package. There is no doubt that something will come up. “

So far, only the county knows who the new tenant is. They will announce in the coming weeks.


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Who’s taking over Old Tucson? Pima County to announce soon Source link Who’s taking over Old Tucson? Pima County to announce soon

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