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Why a new speakeasy inside a funeral home isn’t as taboo as you’d think – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Tampa, Florida (WFTS) –The funeral director at Braunt and Curry Funeral Hall on MacDill Avenue says more and more people are looking for an exciting funeral rather than a miserable and depressing farewell.

Opened in 1957, Funeral home It is a classic of South Tampa. However, the look and feel of the footsteps today is very different from the funeral halls of the 1950s.

Funeral director Adam Wojechowski Tell WFTS They have worked hard to make the funeral hall feel like an event space that resembles a wedding venue.

“When you enter, it’s a very bright, refreshing and beautiful environment, with Frank Sinatra playing,” said Wojechovski.

“There’s nothing dark or dark in this space. It’s a place that makes you feel a little cheerful. It might be a dark time for a family mourning the loss. We’ve added Speakeasy. It just strengthens what we can do. Again, we offer it for the family and something else. “

The Parma Seia room has an environmental projection. Teams can project Raymond James Stadium and Gasparilla Pirates Invasion on the wall. Recently, there was a theme service, and beads were distributed to everyone who came in.

According to Wojciechowski, more and more people want to celebrate the loss of their loved ones since the pandemic began.

“It’s changed a bit. More and more people want to celebrate their loved ones’ lives to celebrate their loved ones’ awakenings, such as snacks, meals, and bar services. It’s becoming more common. It’s coming, “said Wojciechowski. “When they use this room (speakeasy), they love it.”

The designer paid close attention to the details. The front door has a 6-foot-high porthole that makes it difficult for anyone outside to look inside. The walls are adorned with pictures of 1920s flapper girls, and the secret entrance to the funeral hall, framed with antique pictures, is actually a door.

“Anyone interested can take advantage of birthday parties, work gatherings, cigar group space inquiries. If people just want to do something fun for their friends that day or weekend, we We can handle that, and we are strictly limited to funeral celebrations, “Wojciechowski said.

“When you hear the word funeral hall, you think people think of darkness, sadness, and the like. We are trying to show the community and the country that it doesn’t have to be. You still love you. You can mourn a person. We want our family to stop taking care of us because you are sad to come (know).

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Why a new speakeasy inside a funeral home isn’t as taboo as you’d think Source link Why a new speakeasy inside a funeral home isn’t as taboo as you’d think

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