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Why are galaxies different in shape?

Looking at the night sky, you can get a glimpse of the stars from hundreds of billions of galaxies. Some galaxies are blue disks that swirl like our own Milky Way, others are red spheres or malformed, clumsy mess or something in between. Why are they different configurations? It turns out that the shape of a galaxy tells us something about the events of the galaxy’s ultra-long life.

At a very basic level, there are two categories of galaxy shapes. It is a disk and an oval. The disc galaxy, also known as the spiral galaxy, is shaped like a fried egg, says Cameron Humels, a theoretical astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology. These galaxies, like the yolk, have a more spherical center surrounded by gas and circumstellar discs — egg white. The Milky Way and our closest galaxy neighbor Andromeda fall into this category.

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