Why are Republicans so threatened by universal day care? | Alwa Mahadawi

Free childcare is equivalent to class struggle, according to Republicans

Joe Biden wants to spend a lot of money on small children.President on wednesday Announcing Ambitious $ 1.8 Trillion Plan To support family support programs, early childhood education and student support. If passed, American family planning will review the current (disastrous) childcare system and inject billions of dollars into universal preschool education, paid parental leave, and subsidized childcare. It will be paid by raising taxes on the wealthy.

Sounds good. Who doesn’t support investing in children? Of course, a “family values” party! He loves to defend the embryo, but he doesn’t seem to be so keen on helping the children.As expected, the Republican Party is in the United States Recent survey If you are ranked second in the world for parenting, it may be a little more family friendly. As soon as Biden finished speaking, the point of the usual story about how Biden was pushing the dangerous socialist agenda and trying to indoctrinate American children came out. “Do you know who else liked universal day care?” Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn Tweet, Links to a 1974 article on day care in the Soviet Union.

Do you think it’s a hingeless response? I think JD Vance’s contribution to the incomprehensible debate outweighed that.Republican voice, writer of Hill Billy Elegy, on Thursday Tweet “‘Universal day care’ is a class struggle against the average person.” His rationale is that “ordinary Americans care more about their families than their jobs and want a family policy that doesn’t drive their children into junk day care. You can enjoy more “freedom” because you are out. With paid labor. “

Perhaps Republicans are chasing after and saying they don’t support policies that make it easier for women to leave home. When you think a woman is just walking in the womb, the cost of raising a child is surprisingly high and it is convenient for her to push. Women from the workforce..Earlier this year, Idaho Legislature Declined $ 6 Million Federal Grants To support early childhood care and education. Again, they turned down the millions of dollars allocated to their children. why? So is the Republican state legislature. Charlie Shepherd explained that money would hurt the “family unit.”

“”[A]I don’t think a bill that makes it easier or more convenient for mothers to get out of the house and have others raise their children is not a good way for us to move forward, “Shepherd said. I’m yelling out the really quiet part!

Richard Nixon had much the same argument in 1971. Last time The United States was trying to build a universal childcare system. Nixon rejected primarily bipartisan efforts and said, “Impact of weakening the family“. Of course, that meant making it easier for women to work.

Do you really know what it means to “weaken your family”? The cost of giving birth and raising children is so high that it is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to afford a family.according to To the Census BureauChildcare spending increased by more than 40% from 1990 to 2011.Childcare Become more expensive since then.The same genius who doesn’t want to increase access to childcare is reaching out to decline on a regular basis American birth rate.. Why do people have no children, do they ask? It’s an economy, it’s ridiculous.

Pandemic has cost women over $ 800 billion

Women’s lost income in 2020 was the total wealth of 98 countries. Oxfam Report.. Overvalued in low-wage and volatile sectors such as the retail and food service industries, women lost more than 64 million jobs and lost at least $ 800 billion worldwide in 2020. This estimate does not even include wages lost to women working in the informal economy, such as domestic workers.

There may be a link between tear gas production and an abnormal period

Nearly 900 people reported an abnormal menstrual cycle after being exposed to tear gas during a protest in Portland, Oregon last summer. According to a new study.. Hundreds of people also complained about other adverse health effects. This is the first published, peer-reviewed study to confirm the association between tear gas and abnormal menstruation, but it is not the first time that the dangers of tear gas have been discussed. Researchers have previously discovered, For exampleThe use of tear gas in Palestinian refugee camps has devastating effects on the mental and physical health of the population.

The Egyptian mummy was a pregnant woman, not a male priest

Polish researchers discovered World’s first known case Of such a well-preserved mummy of a pregnant woman. Insert your own mummy joke here.

Why doesn’t the number of lunar craters named after women increase?

That’s not the question I really lost sleep in, I have to admit.But efforts are underway Increase the equality of the universe..

German bomb squad investigates suspicious sex toys

Worried citizens came across what they thought World War II bomb Bavarian forest. After arriving at the scene and finding a condom in the area, police suspected it might be quite mediocre. “Internet searches have confirmed the suspicions,” police said. “Actually there are sex toys in the form of grenades.”

week of pawtriarchy

The four dogs that escaped guide dog training are now trained to sniff guide dogs. Coronavirus in a Florida hospital.. Please give more labs to the lab!

Why are Republicans so threatened by universal day care? | Alwa Mahadawi

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