Why Big Time Rush fans think reunion is happening

Fans, be wary! big time Rush Lovers Theorize possible reunions After the boy band and its members adjust the social media layout to the same color.

Followers noticed on Monday, July 12th that the official Big Time Rush Twitter account changed their profile picture and background image to red. On Instagram, the band and all four members — Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos Penevega And Kendal Schmidt — Switched your profile picture to the same red circle you see on Twitter.

big time Rush. Berenice Boutista / AP / Shutterstock

“The Big Time Rush is about to shine,” one fan wrote via Twitter after finding a tuned social media photo. “A possible comeback in the Big Time Rush, I’m SCREAMING at age 6,” another person added. Some fans theorized that a new single would come, While others want a reunion tour Or a concert special.

The Los Angeles-based boy band was formed in 2009 and Appeared in the Nickelodeon seriesAlso called big time Rush, Until 2013. The group released three albums and staged their final tour in 2014.

In June 2020, the four reunited for a virtual reunion posted by PenaVega, 31, on a YouTube channel shared with his wife. Alexa Penavega.. In the clip, the quartet performed an acoustic performance of the song “Worldwide” from each house.

“these Difficult times around the world I wanted to connect with you a lot, “Carlos wrote in the video description. “They also made us want to stay connected to each other. I was inspired to see, record and sing along with the number of smiles that the check-in video created a few weeks ago. I did. “

While discussing the 5th anniversary of the 2018 series finale Dance with the stars Alum said the most missed thing about being in the group was going on a tour.

“I really liked playing TV shows on the set, but I went out and met the fans in person and got such immediate and immediate satisfaction. There is no such thing.” He said. International Business Times.. “And I think that’s one of the things I’ve missed. And I look back and watch the video. It’ll be fun to do it again someday.”

Some members haven’t commented on the meaning of the red profile picture yet, but they have shown interest in a formal reunion in the past.

“I would be happy to be with these people at any point in the studio,” Henderson, 31, said. Said J-14 2017.. “They are all there.”

Earlier this year, Maslow, 30, admitted that in 2020 they spoke more than they had for some time. “Last year we were undoubtedly more in touch than the previous year and wanted to do some things to bring some relevance and” positive “nostalgia to our fans during such trials. “He said Smashing interview In January. “The reaction was very good. I don’t know what that means. I think we need to get over it. [COVID-19] Before any of us tour individually or collectively. But something may be at the table. Let’s see what happens this year. “

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Why Big Time Rush fans think reunion is happening

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