Why can’t the CU Buffs win the Pac-12? – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2020-11-30 13:05:25 –

CU Buff: 2020 Pac-12 Football Champion.

You see, why are you half crazy here?

Let’s hug full Looney Tunes. We are planning a football game with notification within 48 hours. At this time, the only reasonable route for Pac-12 or BYU to reach the College Football Playoff is via all COVID outbreak mothers along the south and east. Or a wave of alien abductions.

It’s 2020.If we’re going to be weird, get it Really strange. Weird Gonzo.

Like Buffs (3-0), not only the South sector, but also did it in 2016, solved all the problems.

It’s still mathematically on the table, right? The next two regular season games can be won with a large “if”, as we learned last week. Utah (0-2, No. 99) Friday, December 11th in Arizona (0-3, No. 77 Massey University Football Ranking) this Saturday.

Why can’t the CU Buffs win the Pac-12? Source link Why can’t the CU Buffs win the Pac-12?

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