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According to Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix, Thomas is “not close” to the player he last played in Boston.

Isaiah Thomas. Wilfredo Lee / AP

The Celtics haven’t had a significant impact on the NBA’s free agents yet, with more headlines for those who lost (Evan Fournier and Semi Ojeleye) than those who added. (Former Celtics tycoon Enes Kanter).

NBA insider Markstein then threw an interesting little grenade into the conversation when the free agency began. The Celtics have the potential to revive the old fan’s favorite Isaiah Thomas.

“Boston is said to be interested in the reunion of Isaiah Thomas, the new Celtics president of basketball operations, known as one of Thomas’ biggest fans,” Stein said. Written on his substack on monday page.

The 32-year-old point guard, who has won Boston with MVP-style 2017 season and patience from injury and defeat since the Celtics exchanged for Kyrie Irving, has struggled in the NBA.

That said, he recently dropped 65 points in this week’s pro-Am game in Atlanta, proving that he can still get one or two buckets.

Still, if the petite point guard returns to Boston, the story is compelling, but Sports Illustrated NBA reporter Chris Mannix isn’t sure it’s worth the investment.

Manix, who starred in WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria Show,” broke the possibility of reunion, despite Stevens’ respect for Thomas.

“Brad Stevens feels some loyalty to what Isaiah Thomas did for the team in 2017. It hurt and pushed them into the finals of the conference. There’s a mistake. I have no attachment, “he said. “The problem is that I’m pretty close to seeing Isaiah as a basketball player now. He’s not close to the player he was in during his best years in Boston.”

Since leaving Boston, Thomas has stopped five times on the NBA circuit. He finally signed a 10-day contract with the New Orleans Pelicans, averaging 7.7 points in just three games.

In the meantime, as Manix points out, he has become a more one-dimensional player than in the last few years, scoring almost exclusively on jump shots.His shooting rate doesn’t seem to be a coincidence I had a noticeable depression A few years after a hip injury that upset his career.

“When I talked to past Celtics coaches about why Isaiah was great, one of its qualities was that he never got tired of being there. He moved constantly. “The reporter said. “In the aftermath of that surgery, he’s not moving much. It’s an unfortunate fallout from what happened to him. Go back in time and tell Isaiah not to play after an injury in Minnesota. I wish I could do it, and the situation could be different. “

Of course, the Celtics aren’t asking Thomas to be the starting point guard he sent four years ago. Perhaps he is in line with the bench role and will provide some of the extra points that have just left the door with Fournier.

However, Manix suggests that the output is likely to come from sources other than Thomas.

Why Chris Mannix says Celtics likely won’t bring back Isaiah Thomas Source link Why Chris Mannix says Celtics likely won’t bring back Isaiah Thomas

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