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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-22 18:19:17 –

Frankfort, Kentucky (LEX 18) — In the last few weeks, Kentucky has been heavily funded. But nothing is bigger than a deal with Ford.

Ford is investing $ 5.8 billion to build a battery plant in Kentucky.

Since its huge announcement, it has been said that another car company may be considering Kentucky for its own expansion into electric vehicles. This time, Toyota is already deeply rooted in Kentucky.

When asked about speculation, Governor Andy Beshear said it was something he couldn’t speak to.

“The discussion-if any-is kept secret,” Bescher said.

One thing is clear: Kentucky is now a major competitor in attracting businesses. The question is how Kentucky beats all the other states.

The governor says there are many things involved in the reason.

“We heard a lot of different things from the people who saw us,” Bescher said. “1. Being active in your marketing. 2. Being easy to work and talk with. 3. Being confident.”

But Bescher says the biggest thing Kentucky has done to acquire these companies is to invest in megasites years ago.

“Looking at Ford, there was an incredible megasite where most of its utilities had already been brought in. It was in the road plan for the new exit,” Bescher said. “Millions of dollars have been legitimately spent for years. There was a lot of foresight.”

Mr Bescher said this would allow Kentucky to enter a better market.

“We believe that one of our bestsellers is to get to market first, so we can get ready to build as much as possible, which means we can get it up and running faster than any other state. “I will.”

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