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Bloomfield’s Sean writes: “What’s crazy about you? Drivers near the Flatirons mall always pull cars in or across pedestrian crossings. Why do they do this? Road rules Not only violates, but also very dangerous for pedestrians! “

This is a very unique issue for Sean. Most intersections are set up where vehicles stop a few feet away from the intersection’s lane. A traffic technician puts a stop bar there and there is a pedestrian crossing right in front of it. However, this setting is very different at many Interlochen intersections. We measured a space of about 50 feet between the pedestrian crossing and the lane. Contrary to your belief, this layout does not violate the rules of the road.

We spoke with Kimberly Dal, Head of Public Works in Bloomfield City and County. She tells me that the original idea of ​​these pedestrian crossings was aimed at providing a protected intersection for pedestrians and vehicles. The idea was to place the pedestrian crossing far in front of the traffic lights and stop the vehicle in front of or behind the pedestrian crossing so that the driver could see the pedestrians. She says the layout works well in most cases.

I saw many drivers pass the pedestrian crossing and stop where they thought they would stop at a traffic light. Some drivers stopped at the pedestrian crossing and blocked the pedestrian crossing, while others stopped in front of the pedestrian crossing.

Sergeant Todd Darbach of Bloomfield Police told me that no pedestrian traffic accidents have been recorded since the development of roads and pedestrian crossings around the mall. Darbach added that if a driver breaks into a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing, the Broomfield Police Department will consider two different Colorado laws. Initially, CRS 42-4-604 (C) Could not stop where required.. Basically, the law requires drivers to stop at a clearly marked stop bar or at a red light if there is no stop bar before entering a pedestrian crossing or an intersection. .. The second is, CRS42-4-709 Stop when traffic is interrupted.. The decree states that “drivers may not enter the marked pedestrian crossing unless there is enough space on the other side of the pedestrian crossing to accommodate the vehicle the driver is driving without obstructing passage. ..Pedestrian.”

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Bloomfield Public Works says it has confirmed additional guidance and information on pedestrian crossings that have been available since the first regional roads around the mall were constructed. Dal tells me that the city will make some changes in line with the guidance derived from the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices manual. A typical stopbar and pedestrian crossing layout is provided by MUTCD. Section 3B.16-3B.18 Pedestrian crossing marking. Bloomfield has added stop bars, enhanced pedestrian crossing striping, and additional signs to help drivers understand that vehicles will stop in front of the pedestrian crossing at intersections near the mall. “We are also strengthening the pedestrian crossing with the“ Stop Here on Red ”sign so that drivers can stop in front of the pedestrian crossing,” Dall said.

Some of those signatures are already installed on various pedestrian crossings. Dall says he will receive the materials he needs by July 31st and will schedule work once he has everything he needs for improvement. The total project cost for striping and signing is expected to be $ 13,500.

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Why do drivers around Flatirons mall pull their car onto or beyond the crosswalk? Source link Why do drivers around Flatirons mall pull their car onto or beyond the crosswalk?

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