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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — Now that autumn has begun, let’s talk about the classic autumn activity, Leaf Peep.

Why does the color of the leaves change?

The answer is that when plants learn how to make food using sunlight and a pigment called chlorophyll, we have to go back to elementary school.

Chlorophyll is green. So when plants are exposed to a lot of sunlight and make a lot of food in spring and summer, the chlorophylls are so active that their leaves turn green.

But as we fall and the northern hemisphere gets less sunlight every day, chlorophyll begins to break down.

When this happens, the green pigment will fade and other pigments will be visible. Those other pigments give the leaves a yellow and orange color.

The cooler air brings out the red color of the fire engine. When the temperature is low, it helps to bring out a specific leaf pigment called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have a bright red color.

in the meantime, has released its annual map of autumn leaves This predicts the best time to see the most vibrant colors not only in Tennessee, but throughout the country.

Smoky Mountains 2021 Autumn Foliage Prediction Map. Visit this link to try out an interactive map..

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