Why does everyone hate Ted Lasso? | Alwa Mahadawi

Me I have a degree in English literature. In other words, I graduated from college without any life skills, except for the exaggerated ability of just wearing a hat. It makes sense where there is nothing! The reason why the harmless doorknobs of Victorian poetry symbolize aristocratic anxiety about settler colonialism can be tediously explained. It will be my day to do so!

By the way, I’m not proud of my talent for interpreting doorknobs.I’m trying to understand my embarrassment in the discourse around me Ted Lasso, Apple TV + Sitcom about a hilarious American coaching a British soccer team.

About Ted Lasso – Influencing a seemingly infinite number of thought works since it first aired last August, Won just 7 Emmy Awards – That means I don’t see any exaggeration about it. It’s a perfectly good sitcom. It’s like you can laugh together while you scroll on your phone. It’s a good show that a good man is a good person. It’s fun to watch during a gloomy pandemic. That’s it. I don’t mean anything more.

Unfortunately, I seem to be outliers.Ted Lasso is now Cultural lightning rod.. Some people seem to have turned their dislike into personality traits.Others have turned people who disrespect Ted Lasso into disrespect Personality traits..Meanwhile, the show is used to discuss everything from America’s decline To gender.Won Peabody Award To “provide a perfect counter-measure against the lasting epidemic of toxic masculinity.” are you kidding me? Can I win a prize just by doing a show featuring Niceman? This feels like a scam. I don’t think Ted himself will approve.

Well, I feel the urge to interpret Before you speak 2,000 words about how Ted Lasso’s doorknob reflects sexism on the screen, you should stop right now. Thank you.

Arwa Mahdawi is a Guardian columnist

Why does everyone hate Ted Lasso? | Alwa Mahadawi

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