Why Evangelicals seek to reclaim political power in 2022 to render every election null and void – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-08 06:05:04 –

I have been a pastor in church for over 20 years, many of whom are pastors in white churches in the southern United States. I have spent countless hours on church staff meetings, men’s Bible studies, and youth ministerial meetings.

I have been connected to the thousands of people still in those churches on social media. I know what they think and believe by reading what they share, post and amplify. I want you to understand something, but don’t exaggerate. White evangelicals should stop right now.

If Republicans gain parliamentary control in the 2022 midterm elections, conservative Christians will ruin the country and LGBTQ people, Muslims, women, people of color, and non-Christians will be under law again. We will never have equality in. We all commit ourselves to their mercy — and they are no longer useful for mercy.

This isn’t alarming, it’s not like acting in the sky, it’s a clear and cool prediction from someone who knows these people better than anyone else. Over the last decade and a half, as my theology has changed and my beliefs have become more and more progressive, I have been a kind of hidden liberal of an increasingly radical movement. Power comparable to the Roman Empire. It will take less than two years for them to behave violently and gain unyielding control.

When Obama was elected, I was in Megachurch, North Carolina, and saw the change happen in person. I saw fear gradually intensify, the agenda settled, and prejudice was used.

I was speaking regularly at Billy Graham’s headquarters when Fox News reporters and Republicans like Sarah Palin started walking the hall frequently. I saw the message at the pastor’s meeting becoming more and more exciting and urgent, and the supremacist dog whistle became louder and more frequent.

The white conservative church sounded a warning and prepared for the holy war as many decent people in the country celebrated the progress of the black president and the victory of many citizenships and human rights and gradually relaxed their vigilance.

But when Donald Trump took office in 2016 and gave the evangelicals a complete immoral partner to act as the largest bully cult ever, they were still almost helpless and dying. It was a dinosaur that was. Combined with a split left, general fatigue by the masses, a victory in a parliamentary ceremony (thanks to Joe Manchin and Kristen Cinema), and a Republican attack on the rights of voters, We are now widening our hair from the conquest of diverse people. Here is humanity.

Despite the decorations and window decorations, these are not followers of Jesus. They are extremists without Jesus and blind enthusiasts solely for power. They are conditioned by decades of contaminated theology and the alternative facts of Fox News, seeing diversity as a threat, progress as an attack on the United States, and more being treated with dignity. We interpret people as oppression against whites.

Believe me when I say that once the theocracy that the evangelicals are building is established, it will not recover from it. If they fail in 2022, they will have political power, invalidate all elections, and we will lose our say in our lifetime.

Women lose their autonomy to their bodies. LGBTQ people are deprived of their right to marry and adopt. Colored races are completely excluded from the election process. Immigrants are denied access to the opportunity and shelter here. These are not creative predictions. They are exactly what the evangelicals have repeatedly stated as their intentions and are closer to rubber stamps than ever before.

Still, we can stop it. All that is needed is unity and coordination beyond theirs. We need a lasting, passionate and devoted defense of humanity that is comparable to a relentless attack on humanity. I think many people say that they are scared, but just being scared does not help. Be scared and angry. Please be busy in a hurry. Let’s hurry and go to work. Frightened, fight like hell.

Recall that more decent Americans do not act as if they were helpless victims of Republican Christians, but that they are part of the majority. We defeat them. You can and need to do so. You need to stop lamenting how much damage they are doing and start something to counter them.

We’ve seen this happen in history and we know how it ends. We know what an unprotected religious extremist can do, and we know the price of silence and inaction of good people. We also know what people can do when they refuse to accept fascism and white supremacy and fight together for what is essentially good when hidden in the Bible and wrapped in a flag. ..

Believe me as someone who knows how much these Christians have lost the plot of the tradition of faith. They are not allowed to fly this country. It doesn’t end well for a wide variety of people who call it home or want to return home someday.

There is a balance between love, fairness and diversity. It’s time for us to make a choice. This may be the last time you can get it.

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