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Portland, Oregon 2022-08-05 10:22:09 –

(new nation) — How do you hunt Florida’s apex yet invasive predator, the Burmese python? In a “nosing to the grindstone” way, of course.

This is how Dusty “The Wild Man” Crumb, one of Florida’s top python hunters, tells us how he tackled the hunt and ultimately cleared the giant python from Florida’s ecosystem.

“What I do know is that we’re trying to keep our feet on the ground and keep snakes out of our ecosystem,” Crum told NewsNation Prime on Thursday. “Every snake we kill helps save our native wildlife.”

group of pythons Growing out of control in Florida, this large yet elusive reptile is a master of camouflage and deception, so it’s hard to guess how many there actually are in the state.

burmese python Although they can grow to over 15 feet, Crumb’s personal catch record is nearly 17 feet long and has been known to eat full-grown deer and even alligators in the Everglades. However, these snakes are not native to Florida and are thought to be the reason for the decline in mammal populations in the area.

So Krum and people like him make a deal to hunt and kill these giants.

SUNRISE, FL – JANUARY 10: Robert Edman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission demonstrates catching a Python to potential snake hunters at the start of Python Bowl 2020 in Sunrise on January 10, 2020 You can see a python that performs Florida. The Florida Python Challenge 2020 Python Bowl takes place just weeks before the Super Bowl is held at Miami Gardens, his 10-day contest to rid the Florida Everglades of Burmese pythons. It has no predators and breeds rapidly. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

“They are ambush predators. They lie down and wait along the water’s edge, leaving birds and alligators defenseless,” Crumb said. “Mammals are being eliminated, so yeah, they’re looking at alligators.”

Crumb said the alligator-python fight is like a “big game fight” or “Tyson vs. Holyfield.”

“Sometimes the python wins, sometimes the crocodile wins,” he said.

The python kills Prayer using its “bone-crushing” powers. Failure to respect the power of pythons in their underwater natural habitat may include human hunters. Luckily for Crumb, he didn’t get his bones crushed by any of these snakes while being bitten.

“For serpents, being in the water is a problem because they are in their territory,” Crumb said. “If one of these large snakes wrapped around your neck, you could drown.”

Crumb said he makes use of all the parts of pythons that have been killed and uses their scales to make everything from purses to boots.

“Creating a market for python skins is a tool for eliminating pythons,” Crumb said. “Also, if someone pulls one of these purses out of their pocket in Minnesota, they can tell the story of the Everglades.

Why Florida has declared war on Burmese Pythons Source link Why Florida has declared war on Burmese Pythons

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