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Morrison’s Erin writes:“What’s crazy about you? Why didn’t anyone clear up the mess of 285 giant potatoes near The Sims? The crash happened long ago.”

Once upon a time, surely Erin. The big mess you’re talking about all started on the night of August 6th. A truck driver carrying thousands of loose potatoes was heading north on Highway 285, and a trailer brake ignited just east of C-470.according to West Metro Fire DepartmentThe driver saw smoke coming out of the trailer and was pulled shortly before the Sims came out and called the fire department just as the truck burned. The driver was able to get out of the taxi without injury.

It took the firefighters a few minutes to get there, and what they found was a truck fire that was fully engaged in a ruptured fuel tank. The West Metro HazMat team said it was able to contain the spill and absorb most of the diesel fuel.

according to Lakewood Police The fire battle went smoothly until the trailer collapsed and potatoes spilled across the freeway. The truck, along with all the loose potatoes, was a total loss. Police officers on the scene said they pushed the potatoes to the side of the road at the time, very late after midnight and tired of fighting the fire. The next morning, they changed the name of the mountain to Potato Hill.

The driver of the tow truck that responded helped clear the wreckage. They towed the cab and trailer debris, pushing the rest of the debris, including spilled potatoes, out of the freeway, leaving very long spuds and other debris on the right shoulder and lawn of the northbound highway 285.

Not only in Colorado, but in most other states, after a car accident, Responding tow driver is responsible for cleanup Removal of all vehicles, including debris. Police instructed the towing driver on the scene to remove the roadside turmoil, so it was decided to leave Potato Hill in place until a later date.

The later date came on the weekend.After repeatedly calling Ace towing From Lakewood, I was told by the manager that they were waiting for a truck company, TRX Express Leave Bolingbrook, Illinois, resolve the issue with your insurance company, and then start part of the cleanup. The problem seemed to be resolved, so Ace’s manager said he used a front loader to scoop up rotten-smelling potato hill debris onto a truck and carry it away to a dump.

Meanwhile, thousands of loose potatoes rotted on the side of Highway 285 for weeks while we waited for action. Most were still in the shape of potatoes after a few weeks, but were wrinkled and stinking, especially the ones I experienced directly.

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Truck fires and fuel spills left significant amounts of dangerous goods on roads and potato hills.In Colorado, first responders are the first responders when a large amount of dangerous goods is leaked. A set of disposal guidelines and documented practices To help guide them through the early stages of the process. Later, it guides them to hire a pre-designated private response contractor to handle the spill.

Since the potato hill has been removed, Custom environment service In Alvada, we are supposed to take care of the remaining dangerous goods. CES managers say they are waiting for some financial and legal issues to be resolved by TRX Express and do not know when some of the cleanup will begin. The manager did not guess when that would happen. He said that when they were ready to work, their part of the cleanup should be a simple process to remove all contaminated soil and test the ground for other contaminants. I told you.

When you contact Colorado DOT It was said that the towing company and the environment company are in charge of cleaning.

The bottom line here is that Erin is no longer the most rotten part of Potato Hill, but it’s still somebody’s guess when the rest of it will be cleared.

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Why hasn’t anybody cleared the huge potato mess on 285 near Simms? Source link Why hasn’t anybody cleared the huge potato mess on 285 near Simms?

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