Why He Can Arrest Brian Laundry During Search-Hollywood Life

Florida lawyer Dave Aromberg talks about Duane Dog Chapman’s fierce search for Brian Laundry, who is interested in Gabby Petite’s murder, and explains what he can do if he finds him. Did.

Duein “Dog” Chapman, 68, made headlines over the past few weeks after announcing what he was wearing Search for himself for Brian Laundry, A 23-year-old who is interested in his late fiancée Gabby PetitioAt the same time the FBI was searching for him, and now we are learning that if he finds him, he can actually arrest him. A bounty hunter and former bail bondsman was looking for a specific area of ​​Florida. This includes the islands off the west coast. Muddy swampAfter getting a lot of hints about where the enthusiastic hikers are, Dave Aromberg, a state lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida, “legally” called the missing person a “licensed bail bondsman.” You can be detained. ” He is also a man who has a federal warrant for his arrest.

“If dog Is a Florida-licensed bail bondsman, who can legally detain Brian Laundry in accordance with an unresolved federal arrest warrant and hand it over to a court of competent jurisdiction ( NS Federal Court) “, Aromberg said exclusively Hollywood Life..

The Brian Laundry seen here in police bodycam footage screenshots hasn’t been seen since September 13. (No credit / AP / Shutterstock)

Brian’s arrest warrant was issued by the state of Wyoming. Gabby’s body was found in Grand Teton National Park on September 19, 19 days after returning to Florida early from a cross-country trip in a van without her. The FBI issued a statement about the warrant, stating that it was issued when Brian discovered that he “intentionally used one or more unauthorized access devices, the Capital One Bank debit card, with the intent of fraud.” I did.

Aromberg further explained how the arrest warrant would help arrest the dog Brian. “He is Authorized Bond Agent In Florida NSNS NS The Citizen’s Arrest Act will not have to come into effect. ” “If someone else tries to arrest a citizen, NSy must witness a felony or have a reasonable belief that someone has previously committed a felony NSy can bind someone. In other words, NS Citizens really need to be careful (you can’t use more power than you need), you need to know that it’s really Brian Laundry, and NSy must be called NS Immediately to the police. “

Dog the Bounty Hunter participated in the search for Brian Laundrie around September 25th. (David Zalubowski)

Brian has been missing since September 13, and his last known location is clearly in the Carlton Reserve in Florida, where law enforcement agencies have scrutinized for the past three weeks. The location spans 25,000 acres and, despite consistent efforts by the search team, nothing was found. Gabby’s preliminary autopsy results concluded that her death was a murder.

Why He Can Arrest Brian Laundry During Search-Hollywood Life

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