Why Intelligent Lighting Smart Shelves Are Appropriate for Retail Stores

Smart shelves, also referred to as intelligent shelves, are transforming the interior spaces of retail stores through their superb design and intelligent lighting. Smart shelves merge physical shopping with the best digital services to give shoppers the best experience. Smart shelves are also integrated with intelligent lighting to display products in more thoughtful and attractive ways.

In this article, I will walk you through the features that make intelligent lighting smart shelves appropriate for retail stores.

Features of Smart Shelves with Intelligent Lighting

Smart shelves technologies are revolutionizing the retail industry by making shopping easier and hustle-free. Smart shelves are improving customers’ experiences in the retail stores, thus increasing consumer loyalty and satisfaction. Here are some of the qualities of intelligent lighting smart shelves that make them excellent for retail stores.

1.      Cost-Effective and Sustainable

As all industries move towards sustainable technology, the retail store industry is not being left behind. Smart shelves are sustainable, thus a great option for retail stores that want to go green. Smart shelves are integrated with intelligent lighting, which uses LEDs. LEDs have a low carbon footprint and are very efficient.

Additionally, LEDs can offer a service life of up to 100,000 hours, equivalent to over ten years. The retail store will also save on maintenance and replacement costs. Intelligent lighting smart shelves will lead to a lot of cost saving.

Aluminum, which is good in thermal conductivity and resistant to corrosion, is used to make smart shelves. Smart shelves are therefore good conductors, which supports the longevity of the intelligent lighting service life.

Smart shelves’ durability also makes them sustainable and cost-effective. The brushed aluminum material is polished, making it resistant to chipping and scratching. This, combined with long-life intelligent lighting, means that smart shelves will serve your retail store for a long time.

Over 90% of the materials used to make smart shelves can are recyclable, making intelligent lighting smart shelves truly sustainable. Intelligent lighting in smart shelves uses LEDs, which don’t contain any mercury, making them safe.

2.      Diverse Implementation

Intelligent lighting smart shelves have limitless implementation because they are highly customizable and multi-purpose.

Though slim in size, smart shelves are strong and can carry a lot of weight. Their sheer strength makes them appropriate for retail stores. They can carry a variety of items that are for sale in the retail store. The shelves’ slim size makes them easy to fit in any space and environment, increasing their implementation diversity.

Smart shelves are integrated with intelligent lighting; hence no supplementary lighting is needed. The best thing about intelligent lighting is that it allows you to play with different light intensities and tones. A color tone suitable for a certain product on display may not be suitable for another product. You can therefore tone your colors to match the specific items on the shelves. You can also dim the lights on shelves when required.

Apart from their extensive use in retail stores, smart shelves are appropriate for other uses. Other suitable uses of smart shelves include bars and restaurants, libraries, hotel lounges, galleries, and museums.

You can also make your home attractive by installing a smart shelve. At home, you can use your smart shelf in the bedroom or living room to display collectibles or books. Alternatively, you can use it in the kitchen and pantry to store food and kitchen utensils.

3.      Easy to Integrate with Other Technology

Smart shelves, unlike traditional shelves, can be integrated with modern technology to enhance customer experience. Here are a few technologies that you can integrate into intelligent lighting smart shelves.

Electronic Labels

A common feature in most retail store shelves is paper labels indicating the price and discounts of items. However, intelligent lighting smart shelves use electronic labels instead of the old-dated paper labels.

Electronic labels make it easy to change prices, in an entire retail store, within minutes. You can also display discounts on certain items with a click of a button. You don’t need to have staff going around the entire store sticking discount stickers.

More advanced technology in intelligent lighting smart shelves allows customers to view additional information on an item by using an app on their phone. For instance, you can instantly compare the nutritional information of different brands of bread while standing in front of a bread display.

RFID Technology

A radio frequency identification (RFID) reader uses waves to identify and transmit information about an item. Retail stores can integrate intelligent lighting smart shelves with RFIDs to help them track and manage inventory. RFID tags will send alerts when shelves are empty and need restocking. They will also send an alert if an item is placed on the wrong shelf.

IoT Sensors

Internet of things (IoT) sensors have a lot of applications in retail stores. IoT sensors can be integrated into intelligent lighting smart shelves to collect data and transmit it to the store managers. IoT sensors can also be installed in freezes to check and adjust the temperature before items go bad.

The sensors also play a crucial role because they help retail store managers understand which items appeal to customers. When managers get this information, they can arrange items on display in a convenient way for the shoppers.

Benefits of Intelligent Lighting Smart Shelves

A retail store that uses smart shelves accrues many benefits compared to one that uses traditional shelves. Here is a summary of some of the benefits.

  • Real-time updates on prices and discounts.
  • Real-time inventory management and stock information.
  • Low stock alerts help minimize stock outs and avoid lost sales opportunities.
  • Correct positioning of items
  • Alerts if an item is placed on the wrong shelf.
  • Customized item information display, which is more effective.
  • Optimized store performance.
  • Enhanced customer service leading to increased loyalty and customer satisfaction.


With a lot of competition in the retail store industry, businesses have been forced to adopt technology to remain in the market. Intelligent lighting smart shelves is a technology that lowers costs, is sustainable, and makes a shopper’s life easy. Smart shelves will absolutely change the shopping experience.

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