Why is his draft stock declining when Justin Fields embodies the future of the NFL? | NFL

WIn less than a month, Justin Fields, considered the second-best quarterback consensus in the class, appeared on the slides. The nonsense swirling around the Ohio State University stars is worrisome, but not surprising.

Trevor Lawrence of Clemson will head to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round of selection in this month’s draft. BYU’s Zach Wilson is expected to be second only to Jets. This is a pick mostly confirmed by the team’s general manager on Monday. In the third pick, the 49ers won the choice thanks to the expensive deal with the dolphins. Will snap up Alabama Quarterback Mac Jones. Meanwhile, Fields slipped into a jumble of quarterbacks competing for the fourth spot.

Like the other slides, the hints and stories take over. One is that the field cannot read the field. More precisely, you can’t move from the first read to the full field progression. The other is that he isn’t working well. Then there is a hint that he is not competitive enough. Last week, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky raised some of these concerns. “I hear he’s the last man, the first man, the type of quarterback,” Orlovsky told Pat McAfee Shaw. “Similarly, it’s not a maniac work ethic … where is his desire to be a great quarterback?”

Since then, Orlovsky has struggled to point out that he is telling what others have said about Fields, rather than sharing his personal opinion. But such negative implications became part of a deep-seated vocabulary when it came to discussing the black quarterback outlook. Bill Polian, a respected HR officer and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, proposed to Lamar Jackson only three years ago. I need to switch positions to graduate from collegePractices commonly adopted by professional and college teams have been ranked for decades to move the black quarterback to what was perceived as a more athletic tilted position.

“If you listen to the criticisms of black quarterbacks and white quarterbacks,” draft analyst Bucky Brooks recently said., “Another standard applies to blacks.”

2019 Washington Post Study Substantial racial differences were found in the languages ​​used to explain the quarterback outlook — differences that match the established racial stereotypes. White quarterbacks are more likely to be discussed in terms of intangible assets. They are smart. They show intelligence. They are leaders. They direct a secret talk.

In contrast, minority quarterbacks are more likely to be evaluated in terms of physical characteristics. There are stories that it is difficult to pick up a playbook or question their work ethic and intelligence. And this is the time when Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Cam Newton won the MVP and Russell Wilson solidified his position as a longtime top five quarterback.

The top end of the NFL’s most important position has seen the Cultural Revolution, but it has failed Dripping into the back end of the roster.. Nor has the quarterback outlook stopped being surrounded by the same old and tired stereotypes. It is a problem that has shifted from consciousness to subconsciousness.

Ryan Day Fields head coach at Ohio State University quickly dismissed the idea that quarterbacks lacked a thirst and aspiration for success. According to Day, the criticism is “a little reckless.” But it’s even a problem that coaches have to mount such defenses for quarterbacks in Fields resumes.

Fields had more than 5,000 passing yards. Threw 63 touchdowns to 9 interceptsAn average of 11 yards shy for each pass attempt, he worked on 15 more touchdowns on his feet for two years as a starter at Ohio State University. This is despite having played only eight games in the second season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, he threw six touchdowns against Clemson’s proud defense in the College Football Playoff semifinals, despite breaking his ribs early in the game. He threw as many touchdowns as imperfections while leading the Birth to victory.

In addition, according to ProFootballFocus, Fields has been the first performer of all college quarterbacks since 2019, with throws beyond the first read.

In addition, according to former Jets quarterback and current ESPN analyst Mark Sanchez, Fields has been issued to more than 6,500 professional athletes and has a history of well-known aptitude tests that measure processing power. Had the highest score among them, retain and recall information.

Given the trends in the league, the slide down the draft of the field is even more intriguing.

The NFL is no longer in the Manning Brothers, Philip Rivers, and Drew Brees leagues. Dropback, rhythm passers-by, with the exception of Tom Brady, are on their way out. Brady remains invincible. The NFL is currently a league of Mahomes, Jackson, Wilson and Josh Allen. It’s about quarterbacks that you can run to create off-scripts and provide rhythmic play on time to maintain some of the melodic elements of a professional-style pass game. It is no longer either-or-dropback passerby or double threat (runner codeword). The league is looking for a total package. I’m looking for the next Aaron Rodgers or Dak Prescott.

As spread options and their principles become more and more popular (they are now spoiled even by dinosaurs who confess among league executives), people who have implemented such a system in college are not surprising. , Should be more and more valuable.

When Kyler Murray was first chosen overall by the Cardinals, it felt like a cultural change. Jackson slipped into the 30th pick and ran into a question as to whether he needed to change his position to Murray, a 5-foot-10-inch poster child in the pace-and-space era, first overall in 12 months. It was chosen.

But all the cardinals were involved in the modern movement. They hired Cliff Kingsbury, the so-called air raid darling, to transform the entire organization into an enhanced version of the university’s program.

Some teams are still working on the principles or creating their own variants. This is a valid tactic. The 49ers, for example, continue to carry out a hybrid blend of what Kyle Shanahan and his father have had with tremendous success since the early 90’s and college-style ideas that are now prevalent throughout the league.

Both Fields and Jones have experience running similar dual-style systems in college. The Nainers are expected to chip Jones, who plays as a sea-it-sling-it-type quarterback, rather than a moving creator.

Jones may be good. He may be bad. The field may be good. He may be bad. Still, the former is profiled as a quarterback from the past, and Fields is profiled as a quarterback, which means the present and the future. Who do you choose?

Why is his draft stock declining when Justin Fields embodies the future of the NFL? | NFL

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