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Milwaukee — If you’re still struggling to find the formula your baby needs, it’s a good idea to consider the liquid version of the brand you’re using. Not all families will benefit, but health experts say it’s a safe option and seems to be more available in many stores.

One of the reasons is that liquid formulas were not affected by recent recalls of Abbott formulas.

Children, Wisconsin Jennifer Claus, Clinical Nutrition Manager, Wisconsin, said: “Abbott has other plants all over the country that are still making liquids.”

Crouse explains that ready-to-use infant formula is as safe as powder, but may not be very popular.

“Many people usually use infant formula. For most families who use a lot of infant formula, this is a cheaper option,” she said.

Liquid formulas also have a shorter shelf life. After opening, most containers should be refrigerated and used within 48 hours.

If you decide to try a liquid prescription, ask your pediatrician for a coupon to reduce costs. According to Crows, each baby’s feeding needs are different, and switching between infant formula and liquid formula may not work for your baby.

“Not all children tolerate change. Some children are really sensitive and any kind of change can be difficult for them,” Crouse said.

According to Crouse, if you are using both liquid and powdered milk powder, use the same brand or equivalent brand, especially if you have a baby who is allergic or sensitive to the stomach, consult your doctor.

This story was first reported by Christine Burn. WTMJ In Milwaukee.

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