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The long-awaited interview between Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah will air on March 7. That’s what they want for what this means for their future.

Megan Markle And Prince Harry Opened to Oprah Winfrey Married from the death of her mother, Princess Diana, why she chose to leave the royal family, and Move to California..And sources close to the couple say Hollywood Life The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess very Reveal the interview..

“Their intention is for people to better understand their reasons after this interview,” sources explained. “If their truth is their own words, I hope it stops all false stories.”

A sit-in interview between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah will air on CBS on March 7. [MEGA]

As to why they chose Oprah for their great sitting, our sources say it all comes down to their long-standing friendship. “They trust Oprah. That’s the number one reason to sit with her. Because she’s a dear friend, there’s a real level of comfort, which makes it easier to open up.”

“It was incredibly personal that caused them to resign, and it’s not always easy to talk to,” the source continued. “So having someone who knows they ask a question makes all the difference.”

Harry made recently Amazing look on Late, late show With James Corden, they sit with Oprah. “Meghan and Harry United front, So it was important for them to do this big interview together, “our sources said.

“One of the most amazing things about Harry is how he always protects Megan. He’s very solid,” sources added. “And she always has a back, they’re a team. That’s how they do everything, and this interview was no exception.”

Royal couple, 22 months already sharing one child Archie, Will soon be added to their “team”.They revealed it on February 14th last month Megan is pregnant With their second baby.
The news is particularly sweet as Megan announced in November what she had experienced. abortion..But with the support of Her husband She overcame her broken heart.So Hollywood Life Previously reported Megan considers Harry “an incredible dad.” [He’s] It’s very affectionate and very practical, “said a source. “She feels lucky to have a partner like him.”

The interview with Opla’s Megan and Harry will air on CBS on Sunday, March 7th.

Why Megan Markle and Prince Harry Talk to Oprah – Hollywood Life

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