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NS Boston Celtics There has been a lot of movement this offseason, but not for really game-changing players who can move the needle towards the championship.

Before, I was asked if the Boston Celtics really had any plans 2021/2022 After the season? This writer was severely tasked with this lack of self-confidence.

Now, you can and should ask logical questions as well, but has the Boston Celtics improved significantly, if at all this offseason so far?

To answer that question, we need to take a quick look at what the Celtics did this offseason. It’s written here, but not so many.

Why hasn’t the Boston Celtics improved so much, even this offseason?

Adding the word “this offseason” to the heading here can be a bit misleading. It should have been easy to explain in any off-season since 2007. It was Kevin Garnett’s trade year.. They exchanged for KG!

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Since then Great KG has arrived And in the year of Garnet / Pierce / Allen, the Celtics basically said that Johnny Most was “messing around” as the late great Celtics announcer. They don’t do much.

At least they haven’t done enough to win another championship that has been zero since 2008. It will continue until 2021. This offseason, they had a command change at the top.

Danny Ainge has retired and he has been replaced by his long-time picked coach and perhaps a picked successor (I know, it’s likely), Brad Stevens.

The old “The Who” song said, “Meet the new boss, just like the old boss.” Welcome to the Boston Celtics. As mentioned earlier, this writer was skewered to ask if the Celtics really had a plan.

I still have the same question. Many comments said the plan (as it is) was to accumulate cap space to sign Bradley Beal. The team then resigned to Marcus Smart.

I thought it was better to say goodbye to someone who knew Cap than I was at that stage of the roster, rather than a capologist (I was officially on duty).

So the theory went out of the window. The Celtics then extended the contract with the talented but often injured Robert Williams, perhaps even further off the beal conjecture.

Yes, there is no beer. There are no other big free agents. fine. Still, it leaves a question for C fans, can they win the championship with this team? The answer here is no way. And please, please become a reality.

But wait, Brad Stevens buys Josh Richardson, Signed Dennis Schroeder (Nice Player), And they previously exchanged for Moses Brown and Kris Dunn.

But Brown (too much of my regret) went in exchange for Richardson.But they got Juan Hernangomes With Carsen Edwards … Oh, in a deal with Kris Dunn.

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Wait, that Chris Dunn? It’s a lot of activity, but what on earth is it for? There aren’t many answers. Not much. It all looks like a lot of movement because of the movement.

If the whole argument that Brad Stevens had vacated the cap space to team up with Jaylen Brown and Tatam on Bradley Beal, the third wheel of the Super Trio, is ridiculous, the theory is ridiculous. ..

Boston Celtics need to add superstar “Big” to the team

This writer Wanted a major trade to land Marcus Smart and perhaps Jaylen Brown in Karl-Anthony Towns Plus was offshore. It was also blamed.

So was it ridiculous to add a legitimate All-Star Big to Boston to team up with Jayson Tatum? And why doesn’t it make sense? Is the current setup, Dual 3/4 working? No.

Let’s face the facts. Danny Ainge’s current model didn’t work (except once). And that won’t work unless Brad Stevens makes a big move.

All Stevens did was move the pawn across the chess board without trying to land the Queen or perhaps the King. He transferred mediocrity and replaced it with something more mediocre.

The Celtics aren’t landing anywhere right now. It’s not bad enough to win a top pick in the draft and change your fate, and it’s not a good place to win the title.

So here’s an advice to the Celtics owner and president of basketball operations, Brad Stevens, “Brad, do your best!”. Ainge did it once in KG, and it was rewarded. keep it up!

I have enough cash to retire anyway. good for you. But if you want to leave a legacy of success (read the rafter banner) in Boston, not just mediocre, do it all.

All you have to do is slide all the chips into the blood in the middle of the table and make one move where you can win everything or send the packing. That is play. The only play. I think it’s KAT, but who knows it?

You will always have a great college coaching job waiting for you to ask. And who can blame you for doing you for money? I’m not this writer.

And who knows, it might just be rewarded with the 18th title … or maybe, hopefully more! I have nothing to lose. You have nothing to lose and you have everything to gain. Brad, please do your best.

Why moves hasn’t improved C’s this offseason Source link Why moves hasn’t improved C’s this offseason

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