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Why not recycle? On Earth Day, answers to the reasons you’ve avoided starting – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-04-22 10:08:28 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — What is preventing your recycling?

The answer is the same for many of the Las Vegans that responded to the OnePoll survey conducted for Republic services. The November 2020 survey included 2,250 Americans, but responses from the Las Vegas Valley showed a common thread.

Part of the answer is to “think outside the bottle,” according to Republic Services, a waste disposal company in Las Vegas Valley, the “face” of recycling for most people.

Jeremy Walters, the Republic’s Community Relations Manager, understands the challenges faced by residents in recycling, but there are also some suggestions for people to take that first step.

If done correctly, there is no need to store recyclable items like garbage.

It is important to wash away food and keep things dry. In fact, it’s one of the phrases to remember. clean up. dry. “Republic Services has registered this phrase as a trademark.

If the recyclables meet that standard, you can go to places other than “other trash cans.” Walters proposes small trash cans and wicker baskets that can be stored in pantry or closets.

But there is one thing to keep in mind. Do not put it in a bag. Republic Services emphasizes the importance of never putting recyclable items in bags. And those shopping bags? They belong to the trash can.

Some residents, especially those in apartments, may not have a place to unload recyclable items. Not all apartments are participating because the Republic Services program is completely voluntary.

“There are two public drop-off areas for non-recyclable complexes, and UNLV also offers drive-ups and drop-off areas for recyclables,” says Walters.

It may be your real estate manager and the opportunity to bring it out. Maybe other residents feel the same, so you can work together to find a solution that will help the community.

For more information on common recycling questions, please visit:


Walters states that this is a national website that does not contain information on glass recycling. Republic services recycle glass.

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