Why not return to the office until next year

The postponement gives workers who meet the new requirements enough time to be fully vaccinated. It can also give businesses time to set up the logistics associated with their vaccination obligations, such as the process of tracking vaccination status and those who will soon receive a booster.

“Within a company, the CEO can say:’Our company, our culture, our business. We need to be together and we need to be in the office. This is the date, “said Mary Kaionil, Senior Health Consultant, Mercer Consulting Group. “And HR friends are like,’How do you do that?’ “

In some organizations, negotiations with unions are also a factor. A spokeswoman for NPR, who has not set a date to return to the office, said the public radio network “is the best way to keep staff safe and operational in collaboration with key stakeholders, including unions. I appreciate the approach. “

With new logistics on vaccine obligations Continuous uncertainty Around the variant, and Increasingly loud employee demands, Some companies, including The New York Times and American Airlines, have opted out to set return dates.

The agility of tech companies is unique in many ways, alongside industries such as consulting and media. CVS Health is still aiming for an fall return, albeit with some flexibility. And many employees never returned home. A significant portion of the workers at companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chevron worked in the field in most areas. Of a pandemic.

Many companies that have sent their employees home remain enthusiastic about bringing them back. The longer workers are absent, the more difficult it may be to prevent them from returning home. Also, if the office remains empty, it is difficult to justify real estate costs.

In finance, which traditionally prioritizes face-to-face apprenticeship and hustle, the recruitment tool is to have a well-known company in the office. Goldman Sachs recalled employees in June and JP Morgan Chase recalled employees in July. The rise of Delta variants did not delay their plans, but seems to have facilitated measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Goldman said last month that anyone entering the US office, including clients, would need to be fully vaccinated.

Why not return to the office until next year

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