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Tell me what ohio fish should be

Columbus (WCMH) – May Be Familiar with Some of Ohio Status symbol..The trees in our state Ohio Backeye, the birds in our state are cardinals, and the flowers in our state are red carnations.

Ohio also has state gems (Ohio Flint), state fossils (Isotelus), and state prehistoric monuments (Newark Earthworks). However, there is one common symbol that is not recognized in the Ohio record book. It’s a state fish.

The border is carved by major rivers and the Great Lakes, but Ohio is one of the three states without fish (Indiana and Iowa are other states).

Even desert states like Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico keep state fish (all trout). Some states have fish from multiple states (freshwater and saltwater), and Georgia even has state coldwater game fish.

But despite more than 29,000 miles of rivers, 60,000 miles of streams, and 312 miles of Lake Erie’s coastline, Ohio is symbolically fish-free.

Despite the rich fishing culture, past proposals are stalled

“I’ve heard a variety of species proposed over the years,” said Scott Hale, director of fish management and research in the Wildlife Division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. increase.

The state symbol is enacted by a bill passed by the Ohio General Assembly and signed by the Governor, but despite Ohio’s deep and diverse fishing traditions, state fish law is easy. Not widespread in.

“Sports fishing in Ohio has long been important to Ohio people. It’s like part of the structure of our society,” Hale said.

What should Ohio fish be like?

According to Hale, ODNR sells nearly one million fishing licenses annually, from annual resident licenses to one-day tourism licenses. He estimates that over 2.5 million people will buy Ohio fishing licenses in five years.

As of 2011, Hale said “sports fishing has an economic impact on Ohio of about $ 2.9 billion,” adding that it supports the employment of 26,000 people.

So why are there no state fish in Ohio? Maybe it’s because there are so many species worth choosing.

NS 2003 article NS (Lorraine) Morning Journal Describes the battle that began in the 1980s between Alaska pollack anglers in northern Ohio and bass anglers southward. This battle describes which of the two major species should decorate the list of state symbols.

“Since then, lawmakers have been able to rely on at least one state fish bill every two-year session, and sponsors have been able to rely on their demise,” the work reads.

ODNR Stream fishing When Sport fishing The guide lists dozens of species, including walleye pollock and bass. Hale focused on popular species such as bluegill, crappie, sorghum, steelhead, catfish, muskellunge, and trout.

However, he refused to soak his toes in the water of the state fish debate.

“I’m a fish management and research manager. I must say I love all fish,” he said. “So I’m not going into that discussion.”

The last Ohio symbol passed by law was a state artifact. Adena pipe,2013. Currently, there are no state fish laws in Ohio or Indiana, Specification Introduced in the Iowa Senate this year was to declare the channel catfish a fish in the state.

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