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WHO followed the Greek alphabet when labeling certain variants of the coronavirus. However, the latest variant is named omicron, skipping two characters.

Newly identified name Coronavirus variants Some social media users are worried about the World Health Organization’s system for labeling specific versions of the virus. WHO has chosen to dubb the variant on Friday. First reported to the agency by South African scientists, “Omicron— Continue to use the Greek alphabet to name notable variants of the virus.

However, social media users correctly pointed out that the organization skipped two letters in doing so, leading to a question about travel.

This is how we know Omicron It ended with that name.

Claim: World Health Organization has labeled new strains “Omicron” variant, Skip “nu” and “xi” without explanation.

fact: Friday’s WHO named a new variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 “Omicron.” The agency also called it ” Variant of concern.. “

The Associated Press reported that Omicron was first reported to the United Nations Health Agency by South African scientists and confirmed in several other countries.

Since May, WHO has followed the Greek alphabet when labeling a specific variant of the virus, SARS-CoV-2. The system makes it easier to refer to variants than scientific names, and prevents them from being stigmatized by referencing them where they are detected.

Many people expected the agency to label the latest variant nu following the variant mu specified on August 30th.

Instead, WHO skipped nu and xi. This is the next Greek letter, xi. As many users of social media have pointed out, some wondered if it was to avoid offending Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

In a statement provided to the AP, WHO stated that it skipped nu for clarity and generally skipped xi so as not to cause an attack.

“” Nu “was easily confused with” new “and” Xi “was not used because it is a common surname,” WHO said. It suggests avoiding crimes for everyone. ” Cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic groups.

These best practices are May 2015 documentation Issued by the agency.Organization Said at that time When naming infectious diseases, he wanted to “minimize unnecessary adverse effects on the country, economy and people.”

This is the first time an organization has skipped the letter since it began using the Greek letter in a variant of the coronavirus. Previously, I used the alphabet to label the other 12 people. Alpha, beta, gamma, and delta are all now “variant of concern” like Omicron. Lambda and Mu are given less serious “mutant of interest” designations. The other 6 letters were assigned to the mutant strain of previous interest.

Omicron variants appear to have numerous mutations in the coronavirus peplomer, which can affect their ease of spread to people. WHO said on Friday that preliminary evidence “indicates an increased risk of reinfection” compared to other variants of concern.

But scientists are studying exactly what genetic changes mean in order to find out if mutations are more contagious or dangerous. So far, there are no signs that the variants cause more serious illness.

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