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Leah Messer didn’t want to film the horror of breast cancer at the Season 11 premiere of “Teen Mom 2”. The MTV star told Hollywood Life exclusively that he persuaded her to share this “important” experience.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to shoot it at the time.” Rear Messer At the premiere of Season 11, he confessed after allowing the production to film her emotional experience of finding a lump on her right breast. Teen mom 2, Aired on May 4th. Leah enjoys “real shooting” and likes “being real”. [her] “Audience,” said the three mothers exclusively Hollywood Life She said, “I wanted to keep [her breast cancer scare] Just handle it under the wrap [her] Own. “So what changed Leah’s mind?

“I ended up talking Adi“Grandmother, a survivor of breast cancer,” Lear said, referring to Lear’s ex-husband’s mother. Jeremy Culvert.. Rear continued. [Jeremy’s mother] “Yes, that’s fine and I know you’ll stay optimistic, but I think it’s something you should share and shoot,” and after thinking for a while, I said, “What’s that? Important thing.'”

“So I finally decided to share that journey,” Leah concludes.That trip led Leah to shoot the scene inside Season premiere She called ex-Jeremy after discovering a breast lump while driving a car with her daughters Adi, Alianna “Ali” and Alia “Gracie”.

Lear informed Jeremy that her gynecologist had proposed ultrasound. Jeremy urged his ex-wife to accept it. “Understand what it is and have it taken care of,” he said to him (he also said Hollywood Life Whether she has ever done Will be together With Jeremy).Anyway, Lear eventually went to the ultrasound, and the doctor told her she just hadBenign tumor.. “

Lear Messer’s daughter Adi, Alianna “Ali”, Aria “Gracie”. [Instagram/@leahmesser]

The tumor turned out to be benign (meaning it wasn’t cancerous), but Leah was still worried that “it could be something further ahead.”breast cancer.. She was particularly annoyed by the need for surgery to remove the tumor. Therefore, painkillers were also needed. “Because I’m an addict and own my addiction, any kind of surgery is scary to me,” Leah explained in a confession during the premiere on May 4.

“I’m like,’Do you need medicine?’. I just want to prevent it from recurring or returning to my life. That is, what happened to me? I see — I was exhausted and lost both mentally and physically, “Lear said. Painkiller addiction, She fell after undergoing a lumbar puncture after Adi was born in 2013. Lear said in his memoirs of 2020 that he “failed.” Hope, grace, faith.

Leah Messer portrays an important story about health with her daughters at the Season 11 premiere. Teen mom 2 May 4, 2021. [MTV]

Lear also sat down with her eldest daughters, 11-year-old twins Alea and Gracie, about the importance of doing a lump self-examination during the premiere. Leah’s experience with benign tumors isn’t just about health this season. Teen mom 2..

“We shot some doctor appointments, but even with Ali’s latest doctor appointments, that was great news,” Leah said. Hollywood Life.. She added: “They have now found 150 cases like ants. It’s about 150 cases of her type of muscular dystrophy, and when ants were first diagnosed with it, she was out of eight diagnosed with it. She was the only child in the world — so with 150 cases, I don’t want anyone to experience what she’s experiencing, but it’s to our family Give hope. “

Why She Filmed It With “Teen Mom” ​​– Hollywood Life

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