Why Taicia Adams isn’t ready to talk about Zack Clark Split

Taisia ​​Adams and Zack Clark ABC / Craig Sjodin

Still in process. Taisia ​​Adams I briefly talked about her division Zack Clark In this week’s episode singleBut for now, she holds the details to herself.

Between Men tell everything A 31-year-old special from California on Monday, December 6th. She admitted that she had “broken heart” about the end 37 years old engaged with Clark. Talk about farewell after a day “Bachelor Happy Hour” Podcast, NS Bachelor’s degree in paradise Alum admitted that there isn’t much else to add at this time.

“I really said everything I had to say on that stage,” she explained on Tuesday, December 7. And yeah, I talked about my peace. And one day, when I feel like I have more to say, I’m sure we can talk about it all. “

rear single Guest co-sponsor, Caitlin BristowAsked about Adams’ missing engagement ring on Monday night, a former phlebotomist opened for the first time about the split. “We really worked hard, and I still love him so much, and I don’t know what the future holds,” she said. “You know what it looks like, it’s really difficult.”

The co-sponsor of “Clickbait” looked fine after discussing the split, but later left the stage with tears. “Let’s have Taicia wait a minute,” 36-year-old Bristow told the audience. A few minutes later, Adams rejoined her co-host.

Season 16 single And New Jersey Native Almost a year after their engagement, he said he would quit it last month It was aired on ABC. “Tysia Adams and Zack Clark are no longer a couple,” the representative said. We weekly Immediately after November Duo ran the New York City Marathon..

After the dissolution Insider said exclusively We Due to the busy schedule, the pair “couldn’t fully commit to each other.”

“They eventually realized that it didn’t work and their relationship ran the course,” Source explained. “Zack is very enthusiastic about the work of his Release Recovery Foundation and Taicia continues herself. On her schedule, they have spent a lot of time away.”

Reality star had another ending in mind about her relationship with Clark, but she told the host of “Bachelor Happy Hour.” Becca Kufrin Nevertheless, she said, “Definitely hanging there.”

“It was very heavy, but at the same time there was work to be done,” Adams said. Men tell everything.. “That’s why I’m really happy to be surrounded and supported by everyone, but that doesn’t make it easier.”

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Why Taicia Adams isn’t ready to talk about Zack Clark Split

Source link Why Taicia Adams isn’t ready to talk about Zack Clark Split

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