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Tampa, Florida — If you’ve ever slept hungry or spent a day without food, you know how it feels. It’s difficult to focus, focus, and sometimes work. However, Trinity Cafe’s mission is to provide meals 365 days a year to those in need of nutritious meals. And Thanksgiving is their Super Bowl.

Food can help people who are having trouble paying invoices or putting food on the table while saving money. And the people they meet have access to valuable resources to help them recover.

“I’m grateful that it gets worse and better, but every day is Thanksgiving to me,” said Marty Davis.

Most days, Davis eats at the Trinity Cafe. He works part-time, but wants to work full-time in restaurants and the construction industry.

“That’s great,” Davis said.

Like Davis, each of the people we interview has hope to tell their future and story.

Kenneth Newsom told ABC Action News reporter Michael Parska that he had bipolar schizophrenia and had a major impact on his life.

“Believe me, I’m a delusional schizophrenia in every way (and) it can’t be helped, but I control it with my own medicine,” Newsom said.

Newsome said Trinity Cafe helps access resources not available anywhere else.

“I’m always hungry. I need things,” Newsom said. “I’m the kind of person who appreciates the little things. I need help here. Trinity, this place here has come into contact with the people I’ve seen for a long time. Trinity ass And Trump and Hobo people like me. It’s a blessing to us. “

Trinity Cafe has served more than 600 meals today. An army of volunteers to meet the needs of everyone who has passed through the front door. Thankfully, they were able to give back on such a special day.

“Especially at this time of year it’s important to make bread with people, but Trinity Cafe is open 24/7. We always need volunteers here, so go out and check.” say. “Volunteer Jen Trang said.

Tran is Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Engagement at Tampa Bay Rays and Rhodes.

“I don’t know what challenges they have. I can’t understand what they are, but if I can bring a smile and a little joy to their lives today, I’ll make eye contact with them. I wish them a happy Thanksgiving. I am not only providing a nutritious meal, but also influential. “

Feed Tampa Bay We run the Trinity Cafe. The need to feed the people of the community has reached an unprecedented level. Nonprofits provided more than 95 million meals in 2020 across the target areas of the 10 counties.

“This is still the most rewarding job I have. It allows me to give back and know that you are coming to work and doing something for someone. It feels good, “said Executive Chef Daniel Lawrence Graves Sr.

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