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Why Virginia Beach’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is running out of town – Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — It was first reported this month that Virginia Beach has lost one of its biggest running events, the Rock’n’Roll Running Series Virginia Beach Half Marathon.

At the oceanfront, it’s a Labor Day weekend tradition.

We are now digging deeper into why the event decided to run out of town.

“It was a great run,” says John Zirkle, president of the Virginia Beach Hotel Association.

The Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon ran that course,

“Unfortunately, I think things will come to an end from time to time … Attendance has declined over the years. Initially it was 25,000, but now it’s down to less than 15,000, many of them local. “He said.

Zirkle remembers 2001, the first year of the half marathon. The South African runner was the first male winner. California runners became the first female winner.

“In that first year, the energy was just electricity. You got goose bumps when they were sending out racers and when the band was playing,” he said.

However, low attendance means that the hotel has a small number of rooms for rent.

“We negotiate with such groups because they promise to fill so many rooms that you give them low rates and they bring them rain and shine. I guarantee that, “Zirkle explained.

Currently, these rooms are not fully booked, so the hotel cannot earn room income.

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“Memorial Day and the Labor Day weekend next to July 4th are the busiest weekends we have and we’ll be hosting rooms for half marathon attendees and more,” said Zirkle. ..

The organizer didn’t return an email request for comment, but Zirkle says he knows what’s going on.

“After all, rock and roll organizers need to make money and register to make it work,” he said.

Another problem is that the number of Virginia Beach is declining. According to the race website, there are 21 races, including 15 in the US and 6 abroad.

Zirkle puts a lot of emphasis on it.

“There are so many, not the bangs like the original … we still have bands, courses, music, and everything, but you don’t have that many … I’m confident The city will come up with something to replace the race with something … we just don’t know what we know, “he said.

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Why Virginia Beach’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is running out of town Source link Why Virginia Beach’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is running out of town

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