Why you need more traffic and how it affects the growth and ranking of your website

Almost everything in online marketing revolves around getting more and more traffic to your webpage to get more conversions. While the majority of the articles on the internet will tell you the ways to increase the traffic, hardly any blogs or articles talk about the benefits it offers.

Why you need more traffic and how it affects the growth and ranking of your website

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Why you need more traffic on your website?

In this article, we have enumerated the need and benefits of increased traffic to your website.

 1.Basis of Online Marketing

You can compare the traffic on any e-commerce website to the real-world customer walk-in. It forms the basis of online business and promotional activities. It is the first step that is essential to begin the sales conversion procedure. It is almost as if you cannot convince the customer to buy your product or service if he/she does not visit your store first. Since it lays the groundwork for your online selling, you should be very careful to ensure good traffic on the webpage. For this, it is important that you chose the right host for your website. You can check out Hosting Foundry for the same.

2.Beneficial for filling the Sales Funnel

The most prominent objective of increasing the traffic on the website is to improve the sales figure of the organization. More traffic would mean more people getting aware of your brand, thereby increasing the chance of sales conversion. Opportunities can convert to sales only when the reach of your website is far and wide and necessarily covers a large number of potential customers and lure them to buy your product. A pro tip to keep in mind is always present the ‘features of your product or service as ‘benefits’. A person would not be interested to know that your geyser has a copper tank but if you tell them that your geyser ensures their safety by using copper tanks that are less prone to heating issues than the aluminum ones, they are more likely to buy it

Beneficial for filling the Sales Funnel

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3.Good for long-term growth

Besides the obvious sales growth, active online traffic is very effective in building and maintaining long-term relations with the customers. The increased number of visitors implies more opportunities to introduce and promote your brands to them. This will ensure that even if they do not immediately convert to a buyer, they will have your product in mind and might return to you the next time they need it. It enables you to create and maintain brand loyalty. In addition to that, if the potential customer is satisfied on the first visit to your website, he/she may convert to a returning customer that will help you maintain a database and spend lesser time and effort on looking out for fresh customers.

4.Improved Ranking on SERP

It is a widely known fact that a high-ranking article on the SERP is likely to get better traffic than the low-ranking ones. However, a lesser-known fact is increased traffic- that could be due to reasons other than a high rank on SERP- leads to a better ranking of the article on the search engine. There are various reasons for the same. Google uses various metrics to rank the page on the SERPs and some of them are click rates, dwell time, and user experience. Since high-traffic pages have better click rates, longer dwell time, and a good user experience, they tend to rank better on the SERPs.

Improved Ranking on SERP

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Now that we know the benefits, let us understand the various types of online traffic.

Types of Online Traffic

The various types of website traffic are as follows-

  1. Organic Traffic

It comprises the people that land on your page from the search engines. It is one of the most common types of website traffic. Whenever a person puts a query on the search engines, they render various websites. When a person clicks on the website, he/she become part of the traffic. Hence, your chance of getting good organic traffic greatly depends on your SERP rank.

  1. Direct Traffic

It originates from various sources such as:

  • When a person types your URL on the browser directly
  • When someone clicks on your link from a non-indexed document
  • When someone receives your link through messages and clicks on it
  1. Referral Traffic

It refers to people entering your website by clicking on a hyperlink from another site. It could be a blog, forum, or even an online community. The conversion chances of referral traffic are higher since they usually come from the sites that have the same target group and people trust their recommendations already.

  1. Traffic from Social Networks

As the name suggests, it refers to the traffic that comes to your page from social media platforms and social networks. For example, a person who clicks on an Instagram post or tweet and then arrives on your brand’s website, it will be counted in your digital analytics reports as social traffic.

Bottom Line

Hence, we see how there are so many different types of website traffic that considerably affect the growth and ranking of your website in so many different ways.

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