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Washington — Traditionally, August is a time of politics slowing down a bit. Congress usually leaves Washington for a month’s adjournment, and the president usually takes a vacation.

Former President Donald Trump loved August in New Jersey. Former President Barack Obama loved August on Martha’s Vineyard.

Former President George W. Bush enjoyed August at a Texas ranch. But in August of this year, there are many politics to watch out for, including this week’s primary on Tuesday.

Watch race

August 2nd is a major day in some states.

One of the more interesting races took place in Kansas, the first abortion-related elections since the Supreme Court withdrew its right to abortion earlier this summer.

Kansas voters decide whether the Constitution should continue to protect abortion or whether state authorities have the authority to pass new restrictions. The results will be studied nationwide.

Kansas has more Republicans registered than Democrats, but this election will show whether Democrats have persuaded conservatives to participate in the division issue.

Playing cards vs pence

Former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence did not participate in the vote on Tuesday, especially in Arizona. That’s because Trump and Pence support different candidates for governor.

Trump endorsed former television newscaster Calilake. Pence supports Carlin Taylor Robson.

The results help answer the question-what does the Republican future look like, and how influential is the former president still?

Primary elections and impeachment results

I will never forget the elections in Missouri, Missouri, and Washington on Tuesday. Missouri has an open Republican primary to retire Republican Senator Roy Blunt.

In Michigan and Washington, Republicans who voted to impeach former President Trump are fighting for their political life. Mr. Trump has made it clear that he wants to beat them all.

Political revenge will be the theme throughout August.

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney, who resolved to impeach former President Trump and helped lead the hearing on January 6, also participated in a major battle in Wyoming on August 16. .. All polls show that she loses. So don’t trust August politics, you can wait for the vacation.

Why you should pay attention to elections in some states this week Source link Why you should pay attention to elections in some states this week

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