Why You Should Replace Fluorescent Lights with Better Options

Lighting technology has become so advanced that the efficiency of newer options makes it impossible to justify using your old fluorescent and incandescent lighting any longer. Incandescent and fluorescent lights may be cheaper, but not only are they terrible for the environment, they cost a whole lot more in energy costs. Choosing to replace old technology incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with more energy efficient options will more than make up for the initial replacement costs in less than 2 years in terms of savings on your power bills and consumption. Here are just some of the reasons why replacing your old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with LED alternatives is the best option.

Compared to their fluorescent counterparts, LED lamps are roughly 30% more efficient on average. The implications of this are that for every year that you use the LED bulbs, you save $3,000 or more if you previously spent $10,000 on your lighting energy costs. LED bulbs are available at lower wattage and lower power consumption, while fluorescent options have higher watts. LED lights are available at

Longevity of Tube LEDs
While LED lights are more expensive, they last 3-4 times longer than the standard fluorescent bulb.Some single ended LED tube lightsare now capable of lasting up to 100,000 hours, whereas a fluorescent tube lamp lasts only25,000 hours on average.

Better for the Environment
LEDs are free from mercury and are better for the environment. This is because each fluorescent bulb contains mercury, and used bulbs have to disposed off properly otherwise they are toxic for the environment. A special recycling kit is needed to dispose fluorescent lights properly, an added cost of using fluorescent lights over LED.

If you have ever dropped a fluorescent light bulb on the ground, you’ve probably seen the way it instantly shatters into a million pieces. Fluorescent lamp options are extremely fragile, whereas LED light options are not. LEDs have a durable plastic housing that can usually survivebeing dropped from a short distance.

Lower Heat Emissions
Using LEDs can also lower your air conditioning bills. Since fluorescent lights give off a significant amount of heat, that’s an added load that your air conditioner has to battle to maintain an acceptable temperature. However, LEDs give off negligible heat in comparison. So not only do LEDs save energy consumption for lighting, they also help lowerair conditioning energy consumption.

Easy Installation
Installation of LEDs is very easy. Many LED tubes are available in “plug and play” options,which means that they can be installed as easily as a fluorescent bulb. Search for ballast-compatible bulbs that can be installed using the ballast already pre-installed in your existing fixtures to power the LEDs.

In conclusion, fluorescent lamps should now be relegated to the past where they belong. LED technology has surpassed fluorescent tech with its efficiency and affordability. In simple words, in order to lower your energy demands, you have to switch from linear light fixtures to LED ones.

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