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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – A Wichita man and his family are seeking help in finding a pet turtle for an “escape artist” named Madmartigan. Turtles living in the family’s backyard sneak out from midnight to early afternoon on Monday, using a gap in the slightly broken gate at the bottom.

Harun Bari, a turtle owner, and his family believe it is likely that Madmartigan has been roaming the neighborhood for the past two days since he left his home in 1400 blocks in Amsden, Wichita.

Bari is worried about turtles due to the recent drop in temperature. “We’re originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and although it frosts in winter, turtles are usually in burrows, and they’re actually warm and inside,” says Barri. “She was probably able to handle the snaps in cold weather, but being too cold is definitely not very good for her health-so it’s a little worrisome.”

Madmartigan is a desert monkey turtle native to Arizona. She is a herbivore, most often a daytime animal, and sleeps all night.

“She’s a roaming animal, so she can actually go a lot farther than you think. Turtles are actually much faster than you think, and actually much much faster. Fast, this was amazing, “Bari said.

Barri, like all pets, said Madmartigan became part of the family, despite being a rare pet choice.

“My wife had kept her for 10 years from an early age. She was able to fit in the palm of her hand,” Barri said. “For my wife, she is very distraught, her 4-year-old son is very sad and always asks about turtles and their places, because we go out with turtles every day and feed them every day and now Because it is giving. It is missing. “

The turtle is currently 18 inches long and about 14 inches wide and is quite tall. Bari said that once it appeared in your front yard, you couldn’t miss it. “It’s this huge tan, brown, hump,” he said.

According to Bari, Madmartigan likes to hide under the bushes, and strangely, it’s completely camouflaged and almost disappears under the bushes.

“This is one of the coolest pets I’ve ever seen as a pet. It’s like having a dinosaur and obviously won’t kill you,” Barri said. .. “It has a personality, believe it or not, we miss her terribly.”

According to Barri, turtles have a lifespan of about 150 years and hope to hand over Madmartigan to their children someday.

The Barri family posted the missing information on Madmartigan on social media, all local pet groups, contacted the Animal Care Department, made a door-to-door canvassing in the neighborhood, and dropped the leaflets they created.

“If she’s out, lift it to the side. In most cases, she’s a very shy and shy animal. She can be less aggressive,” Barri said. say. “She won’t bite you unless you put your hand in your mouth, don’t.”

Her weight is around 60-70 pounds, so Barri advised anyone who saw her to lift her with her feet, not her back. Bari warned that he should not be placed in a puddle because he is not a turtle and is a desert animal, not an aquatic animal.

Beyond the lack of food and water, Bari’s biggest concern is the cold nights and the potential for turtles to hit cars when crossing the road. “We may be lucky. She may come back on her own, but unfortunately in most cases the opposite is true,” said Barri.

Barry begs anyone who encounters a pet turtle or sees a tanned lump wandering down the street to call 602-299-6600.

“We really want to get her back. That would mean everything,” he said.

Wichita family on a desperate search to locate their escaped pet tortoise Source link Wichita family on a desperate search to locate their escaped pet tortoise

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