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Wichita, Kansas 2022-06-28 16:26:40 –

Wichita, Kang (KSNW) — Wichita Man Convicted of his role in a drug trafficking ring He stood in front of the judge in Wichita and heard his judgment on Tuesday.

45-year-old Travis Vontress was sentenced by a federal judge to 295 months in prison (equivalent to 24 years and 7 months) for his role in Wichita’s drug ring, which was run by a man in Oklahoma Prison.

KSN first 2020 drag ring two years ago..

Vontress was the accountant for drug operations that distributed methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine powder, crack cocaine, and marijuana in Wichita.

In March 2020, a U.S. law firm said that 49-year-old Travis Knighten, who was sentenced to 90 years in 1993 murder, was using a mobile phone to facilitate distribution in Wichita. I did.

Another prisoner, Armand Luna, helped Nighten conclude a drug deal in the Wichita area. The subordinate conspirators were responsible for maintaining stashes, cutting drugs, packaging, storage, reselling final products, and other duties.

Vontress was convicted of the following crimes by a jury trial in March 2022.

  • Conspiracy to distribute stimulants
  • Conspiracy to distribute heroin
  • Conspiracy to distribute cocaine powder
  • Maintenance of drug-related facilities
  • Illegal use of telephones to encourage drug trafficking
  • Owned with the intention of distributing powdered cocaine
  • Possession of firearms to promote drug trafficking

A US law firm in Kansas said all 21 other defendants had previously pleaded guilty to charges related to the case.

FBI, Wichita Police Station, Drug Enforcement Office (DEA), Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, Burton County Sheriff’s Office, US Post Office, Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center, Land Security Survey (HSI), US Marshall Services, Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives (ATF), and patrols in Nebraska investigated the incident.

Wichita man sentenced in drug trafficking case Source link Wichita man sentenced in drug trafficking case

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