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Wichita, Kansas 2021-05-04 22:34:30 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Two motels in eastern Wichita were shot in two shots within a month, injuring four. Wichita police gathered on Monday to make an effort to prevent this from happening again.

Captain Kevin Kochenderfer, commander of the WPD Patrol East Bureau, said about a month ago he answered a call at the Red Roof Inn about a stolen vehicle after a shooting involving police officers.

“Due to the repeated calls for services we received over there, many incidents and things that our criminal analysts have reached the threshold of being recipients of annoying letters over the past 12 months. Has accumulated, “said Kochenderfer. “So we looked up and provided the obstruction letter and came up with a development plan on how to fix it.”

Last month, a policeman shot her after pointing a gun at a woman at Red Roof in Plus.
The city wrote annoying letters to the motel owners. Then on Sunday, three people were shot during a party at the same motel.

Captain Kevin Kochenderfer of the Wichita police said the motel staff was trying to shut it down before it happened. “Some people were asked to leave, some were angry at being kicked out of the party, and gunshots continued,” he said.

On Monday, the motel was issued a second annoying letter.

Development planning involves the process of what a business resident or hotel comes up with to solve a problem. Some of the amendments are made by businesses on how to reduce these calls and what law enforcement agencies will do to make them happen.

If the plan is not met as stated in the actual sabotage ordinance, there are 12 months left for them to correct this or make sufficient efforts to implement it. If not, it remains a problem and if more trigger events or thresholds are met, the city will state in the ordinance about the excess man-hours used to handle these crimes. You can charge as if.

Local police officers and hotel owners will meet on Thursday to discuss ways to prevent this from happening again.

Wichita police weigh in on recent shootings at east Wichita motel Source link Wichita police weigh in on recent shootings at east Wichita motel

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