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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) —Imagine the cityscape of Wichita and the keeper of the plains depicted in the size of a penny. In the field of microart, that is possible.

Kyla Sturchio, 33, is a self-taught artist with the knack for making everything small.

“Most people actually think of my 3-inch thing as small art, micro art, but I still think it’s too big,” Sturchio laughed.

Small art start

Sturchio started small art in 2018. She was working in the subway on the west side of Wichita when she found a painted rock by her door.

“I opened and kicked the rock, like,’What’s this?'”

After some research, she ICT Area Rocks!A local Facebook group for drawing, hiding and finding rocks in the city.

“I owe everything to that group, if I didn’t find one rock that wouldn’t have happened one day,” she said. “Within that week, I bought some really cheap paints and started painting.”

Shortly thereafter, Sturchio got even more inspiration from social media.

Courtesy: Kyla Sturchio

“In one of the art groups I’m on Facebook, a lot of people started drawing coins and penny was really popular. I said,” Well, I thought it was really cool. I did some pennies because I want to challenge myself, and I found that I really liked it, and I was really pretty good at it. ” She said.

How good is it? Sturchio has begun posting some of her artwork, mostly landscapes drawn on small rocks, online. She sold out quickly. The former owner of Joyland even outsourced some of her work.

“It brought a lot of memories to many people. They were like,” I was working there, or I went there every summer. ” All those memories come back, so it’s really fun to draw urban things, “Sturchio explained.

Sturchio said she was inspired by her surroundings.

“I’m probably seeing more colors than others. I look at the landscape,” Oh, now this landscape has all these colors. I could draw it, “she said. Said.

No magnifying glass, no problem

At the age of 33, she said many were surprised to be able to create such detailed images in a small space.

“Many people ask me” Why do you apply it so small? Would you like to use a magnifying glass? I often hear it. I don’t, “she said.

Sturchio relies on her good eyes, stable hands, and, of course, some very small paint brushes to get the job done.

“I don’t even know how to explain it. You get a brush small enough, and you have enough patience to really learn how to do it.” She said.

Sturchiso said he’s trying to paint a few hours each week between work and family schedules. Ultimately, she wants to turn her hobby into a full-time gig.

“Being able to sit and paint for a while can be peaceful. The world just disappears and you can enjoy the process. It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad. The important thing is to create, “she said.

Sturchio is not currently outsourced.But she sells some of her work herself Facebook page.. Prices range from $ 35 to $ 50.

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