Wichitans share gift of warmth during extreme cold – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-02-23 21:01:16 –

Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – A recent Arctic explosion has brought 12 days of sub-zero temperatures, inches of snow, and ice conditions to Kansas.

Many were near their homes and tried their best to stay warm during the winter, but some couldn’t go anywhere.

“Just looking at someone sleeping outside is probably one of the hardest parts,” says LJ Hermreck Jr.

Hermreck, who lives in Wichita, said it was almost unmanageable to see strangers endure the winter weather. Instead of ignoring the problem, he decided to take action. He created the Anything Helps Project.

He petitioned for a donation on Facebook in the second week of February. Within a few days, he raised over $ 200. He then used the money to buy cold gear and a QuikTrip gift card.

“If someone came up to me with a hand warmer when they were on a gift card, food, or negative and I was standing outside, I would be very fortunate,” Herrmreck said.

During Coldsnap, Elmrec spent hours in the car driving up and down the city of Wichita looking for someone in need. In just one day, he managed to help more than 12 people. He used some of the donated money to let an individual stay in a hotel room for several nights.

“Blessing, a wonderful individual,” said Jude Myers, the recipient of the donation. “Wichita was good for me. Wichita was good for us.”

Like Helmlek, many other Witita have stepped up to help strangers in need.The· Street church The donations were used to dress, feed and live hundreds of people.

Rev. Darrell Patterson

“Look, I’m not a special person, but what’s special is the 9,000 people who shared that post about taking these people from the street to these hotels. You’re a special person. You guys have made this happen, “said Rev. Darrell Patterson in a Facebook post.

Rev. Patterson also thanked him for stepping up into the Wichita community and helping to make a difference in the city.

Wichitans share gift of warmth during extreme cold Source link Wichitans share gift of warmth during extreme cold

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