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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Starting May 29, Wichita will be able to get on and off again. Q-Line.. All old Q-Line trolleys were replaced with new 100% electric fleets during the pandemic service suspension.

“These are much more comfortable for passengers,” said Nathaniel Hinkel, Senior Communication Specialist at Wichita Transit.

Hinkel argues that Wichita Transit needs drivers to mitigate current drivers, but will not stop them. Q-Line After starting at the end of the month.

“I’m excited to be back on Q-Line,” continues Hinkel.

Hinkel said the community is calling for a resumption of service. Quinn Rhodes said she was constantly moving between Delano and downtown.

“I really missed it, so it’s really great to be able to use it again as an option,” Rhodes commented.

Alden Wilner is also a big fan of the ease of use that Q-Line offers.

“It brings downtown Wichita a little closer and a little more accessible,” Wilner said.

The revival of Q-Line may help ease congestion during busy weekends and windsurge games.

“That’s the best part. You don’t have to look for a parking lot,” Wilner said.

According to Hinkel, the exact route and schedule for Q-Line will be announced in the next week or two.

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Wichita’s Q-Line will return at the end of May Source link Wichita’s Q-Line will return at the end of May

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