“Wild Speed ​​7” Lykan HyperSport Stunt Car Auction, Plus NFT

  • One of the 10W Motorsport Lykan HyperSport stunt cars used in Wild speed 7 The film is auctioned together as a physical object and its irreplaceable tokens, or NFTs.
  • Early bidding begins May 6th with a minimum price of $ 750,000.
  • The Lykan HyperSport stunt car is operational, but its 770 horsepower power tain has been replaced by a small Porsche horizontally opposed 6-cylinder with a manual transmission.

    W Motors Lykan HyperSport was seen jumping between skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi Wild speed 7 I’m heading to the auction. The winner of the auction will receive both a real car and a non-fungible token (NFT), a type of digital cryptocurrency.The· Live auction starts on May 11th at RubiX, At a booking price of $ 750,000. Pre-bidding will start from today. Of the 10 lycans used to shoot, this is the only one left, and there are still battle scars.

    This particular lycan used as a stunt car is, of course, not legal at all. The steering wheel airbag, as well as the gauge cluster and infotainment system, was removed for shooting.Crazy Wild speed 7 Stuntwork is not completely computer-generated. If you look closely, you will notice some irregularities. The mirror, the rear wheel center cap, and even part of the engine intake were all torn during the shoot.If you think it’s crazy, you should see them lycan Fell from 60 feet.. That is also missing some.

    W Motors

    w Motors Lykan Higher Sport Wild Speed ​​7

    W Motors

    The 770 hp twin-turbo flat six tuned by the RUF has probably been replaced by a smaller 245 hp flat six from Porsche Boxster or Cayman. A manual transmission has also been added. It’s still a pretty crazy piece of movie souvenir, and the creative mind can turn a real car into one of the most unique simulation racing rigs ever. However, you cannot use NFT.

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    If you’re confused about NFTs, you’re not alone. Think of NFTs like digital hot wheels cars. Let’s say there is only one. It is packaged in an encrypted box of some sayings and can only be accessed digitally. No, I never play with it. No physical object is given, only code containing many numbers. It’s partly virtual art, partly a proud chip, and can later be sold as cryptocurrency in a digital ledger, well known as blockchain.

    NFTs are similar to Bitcoin, but only the value of each NFT increases independently. Therefore, at the time of this writing, each Bitcoin cryptocurrency is worth $ 57,500, but the Golden State Warriors player’s NBA highlight, the NFT. Stephen Curry, who sinks a three-point shoot, is currently worth $ 45,000Meanwhile, Chicago Bulls player Zach LaVine’s dunk in Oklahoma City is worth only $ 1000. Excuse me, Zack. Of course, you can watch these clips for free on YouTube, but owning an officially licensed NBA original costs a lot of money. Everything sounds weird, but consider that the images and art you’ve already encountered today exist only in virtual clouds.

    So why would someone buy an NFT? To get started, car NFTs don’t have to wash, gas, find replacements, or worry about Uber drivers with Kia Soul’s trading paint. It won’t rot, but it won’t drive. And to be fair, there are many car collectors who don’t drive each of their cars every day. Sure, Jay Leno has almost enough cars to drive another car every day for a year, but you’re unlikely to catch him. Jeff Gordon’s 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo With a Burger King drive-through. After all, it is sponsored by Pepsi. That said, we will still drive the expensive GIFs.

    However, unlike most NFTs, both the actual car and the NFT will be sold at this auction. Which do you think will last longer, the internet or the stunt car?

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“Wild Speed ​​7” Lykan HyperSport Stunt Car Auction, Plus NFT

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