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The Texas A & M Forest Service reported that mesquite heat fires now exceed 9,000 acres and have 25% containment.

Taylor County, Texas — Update: (May 20, 12:15 pm): Judge Downing Balls of Taylor County issued an order on Friday to partially cancel the forced evacuation associated with the Mesquite Heat fire.

As of Friday morning, the areas of Taylor County where orders were canceled are:

  • Buffalo Gap Town
  • FM89 from Country Place South
  • Buffalo Gap West on Highway 277
  • South of FM1235
  • Hillside Road
  • CR297 East to Highway 277
  • Hwy277 from FM1235 to FM89, open to local traffic only, must show ID and live in the area to enter

According to the order, residents should remain vigilant and ready to move immediately while this evacuation is lifted.

Update (May 20, 11:50 am): As of Friday morning, the Texas Wildfire Response System lists 9,613 acres of mesquite heat fires remaining in 25% containment.

Update (May 20, 7:45 am): Tailor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop opened the next previously evacuated area late Thursday:

  • Hwy277 from FM1235 to FM89 is open to local traffic only. To enter, you must show your ID and live in the area.
  • East and West Areas of Highway 277 from FM1235 to Buffalo Mountain Ranch

    The following areas remain closed / evacuated.
  • Braune Road from CR297 to Hidden Valley Drive has been closed / evacuated
  • Hidden Valley Drive Closure / Evacuation
  • Brown Road closure / evacuation from Hidden Valley Drive to Hillside Road

Utilities are still working in the area and are paying attention while in the area.

Get ready to evacuate immediately.

Update (May 19, 6:24 pm): Mayor Abilene Anthony Williams has corrected the number of previously presumed lost homes.

Update (May 19, 1:00 pm): The Texas A & M Forest Service tweeted that the mesquite heat fire had expanded to 9,613 acres with 5% containment.

According to the tweet, the aircraft is working to strengthen the fuel block between fire and endangered value. The aircraft also supports ground crew in line construction.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday afternoon that the city of Abilene was not at risk from the Mesquite heat fire at this time and that there were no evacuation orders in any part of Abilene.

By 2:00 pm on Wednesday, the fire had been contained by up to 30%, and weather conditions caused the fire to burn, rapidly doubling in size and burning an estimated 5,000 acres. According to the TCSO, the fire is currently 5% contained and is expected to reignite near 2:00 pm on Thursday under similar weather conditions as Wednesday.

Airplanes that drop flame retardants cannot drop anything in densely populated areas and focus on strengthening established firebreaks. The TCSO continues to urge residents to continue to pay close attention if they live near the disaster area and prepare to evacuate if necessary. The Taylor County Expo Center is still available for animals.

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Update (11:00 am on May 19): Mayor Anthony Williams of Abilene said Thursday morning that an estimated 50-60 homes were lost as a result of the Mesquite Heat fire.

Update (May 19, 7:43 am): As of Thursday at 7:45 am, the latest information about the Mesquite heat fire is not available from the Lone Star Incident Management Team (Texas A & M Forest Services). The fire is 5,000 acres in size and 5 percent remains contained.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday, May 19th, at 9am, volunteer fire departments participating in the fire would meet in View’s Taylor County District 1 barn for a briefing.

Judge Downing Balls of Taylor County announced the county’s disaster declaration Wednesday afternoon.

Update (May 18, 10:41 pm): Abilene officials have announced amendments to the Buffalo Gap evacuation order. Residents are urged to leave their homes. Families need to find shelters elsewhere for the night. Authorities will reassess the evacuation order on Thursday.

10:35 pm- Director Jim Ned CISD has announced that classes in the district have been canceled on Thursday, May 19th. In a social media post, Glentil said many families had been evacuated by the wildfire. He sought prayer for everyone who was doing the harm and for the first responder.

10:02 pm -Abilene city officials have announced that displaced Buffalo Gap residents are now able to return home. Officials added that people living west of the Buffalo Gap should be vigilant overnight, as mesquite heat remains a threat.

More evacuation has been ordered by the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office in areas affected by the Mesquite heat fire.

  • 9:10 pm-Taylor County has issued a disaster declaration for “extensive or serious damage, injury, or loss of life due to zero wildfires in the county.”
    Judge Downing Bolls Jr. has signed a forced evacuation order for the Buffalo Gap and its surrounding areas.

9:07 pm-If you haven’t done so already, evacuate the next area immediately.

  • Buffalo gap
  • Denton Valley Road
  • Buffalo gap west of Hwy277
  • South of FM1235
  • FM89 from Country Place South
  • CR 297
  • Hillside Road
  • Brown Road
  • 7:45 pm-Mayor Anthony Williams of Abilene said in a Facebook post that nearly 1,000 residents had fled the Buffalo Gap area.
  • 6:33 pm-Tues are heading east rapidly. Residents in and near the Buffalo Gap are advised to evacuate or prepare for evacuation.
  • 4:01 pm-Currently, Brown Road is being evacuated from Hidden Valley to all of Highway 277 and CR 297. If you live in these areas, evacuate immediately.
  • 3:43 pm-Evacuating the house on Brown Street between Dr. Hidden Valley and Hillside Street. If you live in this area, evacuate immediately.
  • 2:29 pm-Brown Road between Hidden Valley Drive and Hillside Road is closed.
  • 2:20 pm-Residents near Braune Rd and Hidden Valley Drive are advised to prepare to evacuate or go ahead and evacuate. This is not yet a compulsory evacuation, but fires are starting to recur in the area.


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Update (May 18, 10:00 am): According to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, the mesquite heat fire was about 1,500 acres and currently contains about 10%.

“The Forest Office has requested additional services to help extinguish the fire, and because of the danger and the home, we are in line for further assistance,” Release said. I did.

The offices of Congressman Stan Lambert and Congressman Jody Allington work closely together to support fire departments in all regions seamlessly to fight fires. The situation improved overnight, but due to higher temperatures and lower humidity, the fire could recover later on Wednesday.

Hidden Valley Drive and Hillside Road remained closed to everyone except first responders. The Forest Department functions heavily in these areas.

Brown Road and CR317 have reopened.

AEP Texas is currently working to restore power to the affected areas.

According to the TCSO, donations are not requested, but if you do, please donate to the American Red Cross or the View Baptist Church.

The Taylor County Expo Center has helped livestock and livestock with housing assistance.

TCSO has announced that it will release regular updates on its Facebook page.

update: As of May 18, 7:30 am, there were 1,500 mesquite heat fires in Taylor County, 10 percent of which were contained.

Original story: The situation in western Texas was once again ripe for wildfires on Tuesday, with at least four fires occurring throughout the region by the end of the day. A wildfire that ignited along Highway 277 near View, about 13 miles southwest of Abilene, has forced at least three communities to evacuate.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media where homes in the following areas were evacuated.

  • CR317 / White Mines Road
  • Brown Road
  • Hidden valley drive

According to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office, authorities have no immediate plans to lift the evacuation order and people are allowed to return to the area as homes are likely to be at risk. not. The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office also said that Line 9-1-1 was flooded with requests to update the fire situation. Authorities say they only need to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Authorities are asking residents to look for shelter in the View Baptist Church on 250 Boyton Road. The Taylor County Expo Center, 1700 Highway 36, provides stables for those evacuating horses from land threatened by wildfires.

Four other fires broke out in western Texas on Tuesday. Among them are the “Pope 2” fire in Schleicher County, the “Johnson Fork” fire in Kimble County, and the “Mayfield” fire in San Saba County. In total, four wildfires burned over 4,000 acres.

This is a developing story. Follow FOX West Texas on air, online, and in the mobile app for the latest information.

Wildfire Updates-May 17, 2022 9:30 pm Texas A & M Forestry Department and Texas Mutual Aid System for Fires (TIFMAS) ..

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*** # MayfieldFire Update *** According to TFS, the Mayfield Fire in San Saba County burned another 500 acres …

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