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Wildlife underpasses to prevent animal accidents along I-25 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-21 20:59:49 –

State-Wide-For wildlife, roaring traffic is not slowed down. And the new intersecting corridor along I-25 provides a safe place for animals to pass.

“The most important area is between Monument Hill and Larkspur, so what we did was come up with a design that included five wildlife underpasses. These are some of the largest in North America,” I said. -25 Environmental Corridor Manager Chuck Atard said.

The new corridor aims to reduce animal-car collisions between Monument Hill and Larkspur by 90%. The corridor was a built-in hotspot area where wildlife causes many accidents.

“In some parts of the state where we did similar projects, we found highway 9 to be one of them, which extends to Silverthorn’s Kremling,” a spokeswoman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The officer, Jason Clay, said.

“Our maintenance crew picks up at least one corpse a day when someone is hitting,” Attardo said.

59 cameras are installed to track animals through these corridors. These cameras already show several different animals crossing the new route.

“We are promoting migration because there are so many habitats up to the Pike National Forest. There are 28 miles of fences to help collect these animals in these places,” Clay said. increase.

“When they reach the interstate highway side, they need a way to return safely on the habitat side, so 60 retreats to the wildlife mitigation system in case an animal is caught on the other side. It has a built-in location, “says Attardo.

There are small rows in the underpass that prevent small mammals from slipping between the sticks and brushes and allowing large animals to pass through.

The series of elevated roads in El Paso and Douglas counties make up one of North America’s largest wildlife mitigation systems.

Wildlife underpasses to prevent animal accidents along I-25 Source link Wildlife underpasses to prevent animal accidents along I-25

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