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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-12-22 08:16:47 –

Governor Charlie Baker said Monday that Massachusetts is still coping with the surge in coronavirus cases from Thanksgiving and is concerned that it could happen again as the holidays approach.

“I hope we all can learn from the Thanksgiving experience and work as carefully and carefully as possible throughout the second holiday season,” he said.

If there was another spike, he said it could overwhelm state hospitals.

“Basically, we’re begging everyone to stay in the household directly,” Baker and other officials said to celebrate the holiday season. “Because the state can’t afford to hold one of the biggest spikes in the United States after Christmas holidays,” while still dealing with the surge from Thanksgiving. ”

The governor is looking at additional steps that his staff can take to minimize the spread of the coronavirus during the holidays and hopes to talk more about this subject later in the week. said.

“All the options are at the table,” he said, but didn’t elaborate on what it included.

After a surge in Thanksgiving COVID-19 cases and increased hospitalizations, Baker warns Massachusetts residents not to travel for the next 10-12 days.

A group of doctors, state legislatures, and public health leaders have signed an open letter urging Baker and the state legislature to implement additional public health protection due to the high proportion of cases.

The steps Baker has taken so far are “significantly inadequate,” especially given that field hospitals have been opened and treatment is delayed, yet they are allowed to continue eating indoors. They say.

Nearly 2,000 people in Massachusetts were reported hospitalized on Monday for a confirmed case of COVID-19, and more than 400 were in the intensive care unit. The average age of hospitalized people was 67 years.

Massachusetts residents are in a hurry to take a test before their vacation trip. Governor Charlie Baker says the state will increase supply because there is all demand for testing. However, the governor also revealed on Monday that while the tests are useful, it’s best for everyone to stay home.

The number of newly confirmed coronavirus deaths increased by 41 on Monday, and the number of newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by more than 3,700.

The new deaths have resulted in 11,506 confirmed state COVID-19 deaths and more than 314,800 confirmed cases since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The number of possible or confirmed deaths from COVID-19 reported in long-term care facilities increased to 7,151.

The Associated Press and State Capitol Communications have contributed to this report.

Will Gov. Charlie Baker Impose New Coronavirus Restrictions? – NECN Source link Will Gov. Charlie Baker Impose New Coronavirus Restrictions? – NECN

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