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Denver, Colorado 2021-12-07 18:12:53 –

It’s been a while, but Denver could finally have its first snow of the season. It was very late and I had been waiting for nearly record days between snowfalls, but this week could be the end of a streak.

I was worried about the weather this season.The overall shortage of snow and precipitation is generally sufficient to send Denver has returned to a severe drought..While Future storm It won’t be a big hit, it’s at least something and it needs a lot of water of all kinds.

As of Tuesday, 231 days had passed in Denver with no measurable snow. The only year in Denver with long measurable snow intervals was in 1887 when the city spent 235 days without snow. If this forecast goes well, it could snow a tenth of an inch on Thursday. This will result in consecutive wins in 233 days. Denver is likely to receive measurable snow on Friday, which means that one day we will be embarrassed to set the highest record ever. Regardless of when the snow officially occurs, Denver has seen it for a very long time.

NS Record the latest date of the first snow in Denver Back and forth, it’s almost a distant memory at this point.

Denver’s latest first snow date

1) 2021 — undecided
2) 1934 — November 21st
3) 1931 — November 19th
4) 2016 — November 17th
5) 1894 — November 16th


Cold fronts associated with this system flood the entire region from late Thursday night to Friday morning. It is expected that the weather will be fine until then, as the temperature is expected to be above average on Thursday before the cold front enters.

Will it finally snow this week? Here’s what to expect. Source link Will it finally snow this week? Here’s what to expect.

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