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By Jusneel Mahal
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The Celtics suffered injuries and set an overwhelming 36-36 record last year, but are about to recover after an anemic season when they lost to Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs.

Following the early end of the team’s playoffs, the changes were made top-down, and Danny Ainge resigned as team president 18 years later. Later, Brad Stevens was promoted from his role as head coach and became the new president of the basketball business.

Stevens, who set a total record of 354-282 for six seasons as a coach at the Celtics, quickly continued with some flashy moves during the off-season.

These moves included sending the vulnerable Kemba Walker to Oklahoma City Thunder for former Celtic Al Horford, while hiring the very popular Nets assistant coach Emeiyu Doka as head coach. I did.

Stevens then signed a low-risk one-year contract with former Lakers Dennis Schröder and used the rest of the historic contract. Gordon Hayward Trade Exception Acquired Josh Richardson from Dallas Mavericks.

Horford, 35, will provide playmaking and shooting, and the team seemed to struggle with the big names Daniel Teeth and Tristan Thompson from last season.

Before OKC shut him down during the season for tanking-related purposes, Horford averaged 14.2 points per game with 45% shooting.

The Celtics tycoon rotation also includes Grant Williams, who showed a promised flash when he was healthy. Williams also participated in the camp in a significantly better way and seems ready for the breakout season.

Meanwhile, the split Schroeder is about to rebound from a poor post-season show. He shot only 30% of the three games. Just two seasons ago, Schroeder averaged 18.9 points with an effective field goal rate of 53.4%.

The player who dominates the ball tends to struggle with LeBron James, so it is possible that Schroeder needed a landscape change.

According to Udoka, Schroeder will play next to Payton Pritchard, a second-year guard who mainly shoots sharp shots.

“The other thing we talked about is that it’s actually working well and I’d like to see if it’s reflected in the game, but sometimes Dennis and Peyton play together.” Udoka said at the beginning of this preseason. “Two playmakers and apparently Peyton’s shooting ability. Sometimes I want to see if I can escape with that small lineup, especially at guard spots.”

That said, the 2021 Celtics will only go as far as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will take them. Both players are at the height of their careers and are out of the all-star season where they averaged the best of their careers with points and assists.

The next leap for Brown and Tatam is in the playmaking division.

Highly isolated players have yet to show that they can improve their teammates. For now, it’s hard to imagine the team defeating Nets and Bucks in a seven-game playoff series. Given that the best players in both matches are not on the court.

Nevertheless, the deeper Celtics are expected to bounce back and avoid play-in tournaments at the loaded Eastern Conference. Their most used lineup played together last season in just 131 minutes (the least of the playoff team’s most used lineups).

However, with Brown and Horford recently testing positive for COVID-19, the team’s misfortune does not seem to have been resolved.

It is not yet known if two starters will be able to play in the opening round of the team against the New York Knicks on October 20th.

Will the Boston Celtics rebound after a disappointing 2020 season? – Boston University News Service Source link Will the Boston Celtics rebound after a disappointing 2020 season? – Boston University News Service

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