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Moderates threaten to oppose the budget unless the House of Representatives first approves a $ 1 trillion infrastructure package.

Washington — Nine moderate Democrats trying to overturn President Joe Biden’s plans to enact a trillion-dollar domestic program, with a large number of party leaders lined up against them Is facing House showdown..

All the rebellious group has to do to win is to defeat the White House, Chairman Nancy Pelosi, and many progressive colleagues who have firmly confronted them. It’s not an easy task.

The House of Representatives will hold a meeting on Monday in hopes that Democratic leaders will suspend Congressman’s August recess for two days. They want quick approval of a budget resolution that sets the future passage (probably this fall) of a bill that will direct $ 3.5 trillion to safety nets, the environment and other programs over the next decade.

Its enormous measures, primarily funded by tax increases for the wealthy and large corporations, form the heart of Biden’s vision of helping families and combating climate change, and are a top priority for progressives.

Moderates threaten to oppose budget resolutions Unless the house first approves a $ 1 trillion, 10-year package for roads, grids, broadband and other infrastructure projects passed it Senate. The nine moderate votes would be more than enough to sink it into the narrowly divided House of Representatives, as unanimous Republican opposition is expected in the fiscal blueprint.

Moderates want Congress to quickly send bipartisan infrastructure measures to Biden so he can sign them before the political wind changes. That will nail the wins they can advertise in next year’s reelection campaign.

“The House of Representatives can’t afford to wait months or do anything to risk passing,” Congressman Josh Gottheimer of the infrastructure bill said on Friday. Infrastructure voting comes first.

With most of Biden’s domestic agenda at stake, it is hard to imagine Pelosi, D-Caliph, giving her own centrist politician an embarrassing defeat. This is especially true if the president has already been accused of treating the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the uncertain outlook for the Democratic Party in the 2022 parliamentary elections.

There seem to be some solutions to avoid Biden’s retreat in the house, but it was unclear what they were.

Pelosi, a top House Democrat since 2003, has a long history of doing what she needs to get the votes she needs on important issues.

She said in a weekend letter to Democrats that it was important to pass this week’s budget resolution, and delays would threaten the schedule for realizing the “Democratic shared vision of change.”

“Our caucuses must be united in our determination to bring children progress once in a hundred years,” she writes.

On Friday, her office issued a letter from the chairman of Congress’s Hispanic caucuses urging lawmakers to support the budget resolution. Four of the nine moderates who demanded the first passage of the infrastructure bill are members of the caucuses.

Democrat Raul Ruiz wrote that provisions such as extended child tax credits and the path to citizenship for many migrants would bring “fair recovery” to Hispanics and other families.

The House Bluedog Union, a group that includes some of the most conservative Democrats in Congress, also said it wanted to pass infrastructure measures as soon as possible, but did not threaten to oppose the budget resolution. .. Eight of the 19 members are one of nine moderates who threatened to vote against the budget.

So far, neither the moderates nor the powerful forces confronting them have shown any signs of sprout.

Biden virtually met with Pelosi and other Democratic leaders and committee chairs late last week. At the show of solidarity, the White House and Pelosi subsequently issued similar statements, emphasizing their determination to approve the action immediately and ignoring moderate demands for infrastructure first. It pointed out.

“The president said these policies were at the heart of the values ​​he implemented,” the White House statement said. Mr Biden said he “repeated his enthusiasm” for signing a $ 1 trillion infrastructure and a $ 3.5 trillion social and environmental bill “as soon as possible.”

House planned a vote on Monday night Another Democratic Party’s top goal is measures to open the door to passage later in the budget resolution, infrastructure bills, and voting rights measures.

Unless moderates decide to oppose procedural measures, Democrats controlling Chambers 220-212 should be able to push it through. Democrats can lose up to three votes to pass a bill over the Republican’s firm opposition.

Leaders planned to vote on Tuesday’s budget resolution if procedural steps were passed. Both statements last week showed that they remained split.

In an interview, Democrat Henry Cuellar, among the moderates, said, “Progressives aren’t going to stuff anything in my throat.” D-Maine Rep. Jared Golden said that if the infrastructure bill was not passed quickly, it would “leave the country’s economy and the collapsing infrastructure hostages to political gamemanship.”

Meanwhile, progressive leader Katie Porter (D-Calif) said in an interview that Democrats “do not actively support” Biden’s priorities, suggesting that they are conservative. ing.

Justice Democrats, a group recruiting progressive candidates, including challengers to Congressional incumbents, has issued a funding appeal saying Gottheimer is backed by “worst political establishment.” .. It didn’t specify who they were.

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