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Will Vetements rename itself to VTNMTS?

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May 6, 2021

will Vetements Do you want to rename VTMNTS? Questions have been making noise in the fashion world for the past few days. According to the independent site The Fashion Law, the “Street Couture” brand is taking steps to allow the new name, which is an acronym for the current name, to be used without vowels.

Appearance from Vetements’ Fall / Winter 2021/22 collection-ph Gio Staiano

“Vetements Group AG, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, between April 2020 and February 2021 has more than 25 different VTMNTS to intellectual property agencies such as the United States, Italy, Singapore, the European Union and Switzerland. We have filed a trademark application, which can be used for everything from clothing and accessories, retail services to fragrances, eyewear and jewelry, “said Fashion Law, based in the United States.

Brothers Demna and Guram Gvasalia founded the brand in 2014 and chose the common brand name “Vetements” (meaning “clothing” in French). However, recording and protecting brand names turned out to be very difficult. This is especially true in the United States. In the United States, national patents and trademarks are used. office Due to the fact that the name corresponds to the description of the product sold, we decided not to register “Vetements” as a trademark.

This fashionable way of removing vowels from the label name to get the original brand name that hasn’t been used yet makes it easier to get the “.com” domain. This has become very rare due to the proliferation of domain name registrations, and the “.com” domain is used worldwide and is highly coveted.

Therefore, fashion law believes that renaming makes sense. This indicates that Vetements has so far registered “VTMNTS” from two prestigious agencies in the United States and approved the use of this brand name and logo “for clothing and bags”. , Sunglasses, perfumes, jewelery “, and” in the context of retail services “.

So far, neither on the brand’s website nor on various social media accounts, there are no signs that the brand has been renamed.

The brand did not respond when contacted by the brand hinted at a big announcement coming soon in a post above it. Instagram An account that launches a rare vegetarian burger menu on April 28th.

This operation allows Vetements to give itself new impetus.The label lost part of its aura following the departure of its creative soul Demna Gvasalia In 2019.Designers are currently focusing Balenciaga, Has been the creative director since October 2015.

The brand shook the status quo when Vetements appeared on the fashion scene seven years ago and held fashion shows in the most unexpected places. In just a few seasons, the label has gone from an underground anti-compatible brand to a well-known and high-end fashion house. Since then, its reworked vintage pieces, oversized voluminous clothing, and logo hijacking have been featured by other labels. As a result, brands that have fallen victim to their success have lost some of their appeal.

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Will Vetements rename itself to VTNMTS?

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