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Raleigh, NC (WNCN) — As COVID-19 vaccine deployment slows, many are wondering if they need to return to the clinic for booster shots.

“While we’re working hard towards version 1 of the vaccine, we’re trying to scramble for version 2,” said Dr. Tony Moody, a pediatric professor at Duke Medical College.

Many questions have been circulating about the potential of booster shots, and CBS 17 News asked Moody and Dr. David Wall, an infectious disease specialist at UNC Medical College, for their answers.

Do you need a booster?

Perhaps Wall said.

“I know there will probably be booster shots,” he said. “To be honest, I think it will happen.”

We do not yet know how long the vaccination will last, mainly because the vaccine has only been in widespread use for about six months. Therefore, it may take some time to gather enough information to ensure that you know it.

“It’s important to recognize when you have data, and it’s important to recognize when you don’t have data,” says Moody.

What does a booster rollout look like?

According to Wohl, some lessons were learned during the deployment earlier this year.

He says it’s most effective to make boosters available in several types of locations, from clinics to pharmacies and other spots that offer drive-throughs and walk-in shots.

“It just makes people really accessible,” he said.

It may also be done with other vaccinations, such as the flu vaccine.

“We will be vaccinated against the flu and get a COVID-19 booster,” Wall said.

How long will vaccine protection last?

I don’t know yet, but the initial results seem promising. According to Wohl, the antibody response “looks really good, from 6 months to a year, and in some cases even longer.”

According to Moody, there are two reasons for boosters. There is a need to boost immunity, which diminishes over time, and concerns about viral mutations.

For example, people need a tetanus booster approximately once every 10 years because the level of protection decreases over time. On the other hand, the virus changes so rapidly that pharmaceutical companies produce new influenza vaccines every year. We also know that the coronavirus has already been mutated several times.

“There’s a lot here we’re trying to figure out exactly what to do,” Moody said.

How do I know if I find the booster I need?

Wohl says it’s important to track down infected people.

“We know that if a vaccinated person begins to get infected with COVID-19, their immunity is weakened,” Wall said.

It is also important to monitor people’s antibody levels.

“This is a fairly crude way to analyze whether people are likely to have immunity,” he said. “Therefore, at some point, most people may be starting to lose antibody levels, and that’s when we boost them.”

If you need a booster, why does BOTHER get a shot right now?

This is also known as the “kick the can” theory — if you come back and need to take another shot in the future, why do you need to take a shot now?

It’s a bad idea, Moody said.

“Vaccines very clearly prevent hospitalization and serious illness and death, so it’s right to get the vaccine now and get the vaccine currently available,” he said.

“I don’t think these data are really irrefutable. They are really strong,” he added. “People want to be autonomous in their bodies and able to make their own decisions. And as you know, I’m an American and I support it all, but people need to educate themselves with real data and understand exactly what the data shows. I think.

“As you say, waiting for a booster shot or waiting for something to be perfect is probably unwise. There is a saying in medicine that perfection should not be a good enemy. And I think this is definitely one of those situations. “

Will we need boosters? What will a rollout look like? Answering questions about the next round of shots Source link Will we need boosters? What will a rollout look like? Answering questions about the next round of shots

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