Williams Engineering and Italdesign Announce Joint EV Platform

Williams Advanced Engineering is working with Italdesign to develop another electric vehicle platform, a “luxury EV production solution,” targeting the wealthy.

Called the EVX Modular Electric Platform, this architecture uses a large structural battery and a rich recycled composite mixed with lightweight aluminum. Considering the people involved, they also have to be pretty chic. Williams exists specifically to adapt the technology used by the F1 team to commercial applications, but Italdesign is probably the most famous car design studio in car history.

Everything starts with the WAE chassis. The chassis is compatible with 104-120 kWh power packs and can discharge over 1000 kW (approximately 1,300 mechanical horsepower). Williams relies on its performance expertise to sell the concept, but claims that it translates into an enviable range. At The Outer Limits, the manufacturer said the car could be equipped with an extended 160kWh unit capable of traveling over 621 miles on a single charge. Although not a full-fledged battery supplier, WAE has been supplying them to the FIA ​​Formula E World Championship for many years. The same is true for ETCR (electric touring cars) and Extreme-E (off-road vehicles). This is a good sign for EVX.

The platform can be scaled for the car with a 114-122 inch wheelbase, no matter what body style it is. Williams pointed out that the platform can handle both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, and said he was excited to see a series of luxury cars using that skeleton. Mixing the composite with aluminum minimizes weight and allows WAE to brag about the use of recycled materials. But it is also set to set new standards for static and torsional stiffness — the manufacturer did not reveal the materials used beyond the well-established carbon.

Structural batteries also play a major role here. In addition to maintaining a low center of gravity, the case attaches directly to the chassis and features areas reinforced with key stress points. This makes the structure more robust before bodywork is considered, making Italdesign’s work much easier. Williams even suggested that design companies would have more freedom in certain cases because they didn’t have to add too much strength to their bodywork.

After WAE completes its mission, Italdesign will take the electric skateboard and take charge of finishing the car brand ordered. The bodywork is done by the studio, but must be approved by the company that ordered it and include the brand’s safety system and user interface.

Antonio Casu, CTO of Italdesign, said in the release: “Our partnership, with 53 years of design and engineering development experience, is responsible for evolving the WAE-developed rolling chassis into a complete platform and shaping it according to customer-defined body styles, architectures and content. Over the last 50 years, we have gained skills and experience in turnkey projects to meet the needs of our customers, whether they are international OEMs or newcomers. “

“We aim to develop a fully customizable vehicle architecture in the GT, sedan, crossover and convertible markets. [sic] Inside and outside. It covers business cases covering a variety of production volumes, from the Ultra Limited series to 10,000 units per year, of which 500 units can be manufactured by Italdesign at the Turin facility. “

[Image: Williams Advanced Engineering]

Williams Engineering and Italdesign Announce Joint EV Platform

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