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Florence, South Carolina 2021-06-22 09:14:23 –

(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Do aliens exist? It’s not just a conspiracy theorist’s question, but a parliament is trying to answer it. Someday they will receive an official “UFO” report. But perhaps the answer to that question is here in North Carolina.

“It’s about discovering unexplained things,” said Dr. Naveed Moeed. “It’s about finding a question.”

what? why? how?

Every question that is worth answering starts somewhere.Why can’t i do that somewhere Is it right next to Bare Creek Road on the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains?

“We talk about Southern hospitality. It’s no wonder we’re friends with foreigners,” said Chris Ayers, owner and operator of the Willis Observatory.

Chris reserved their place in case they needed a place to park At Willis Observatory..That’s all official American alien landing pad.

“We did some research and found that aliens prefer grass fields, so they’re soft landing,” Chris said.

But what exactly is the study that Chris refers to?

“As you know, it could have been a dream,” Chris laughed.

That is the beginning of everything. It’s a dream, and that’s what Dr. Moeed knows all about.

“It’s about a relentless quest to answer the question, is there life outside our planet?” Moeed said.

Moeed is a rocket scientist and a member of the Willis Observatory team. It is not only an astronomical observation occurring at a remote observatory, but also an actual study.

“We are discovering not only how life can exist within the territory of the Earth, but also that it can exist far beyond that,” Moeed said. I am.

The smartest mind in the world is finding evidence of life Maybe … It exists outside our planet. Moeed raised a kind of animal, the tardigrade, which is known to endure extreme conditions and live indefinitely with interrupted animations.

“We believe that life may exist below. 10 to 15 miles of ice beneath Saturn and Jupiter’s moons“Moeed said.

Even the federal government has doubts. April 2020, The Navy has released three videos Of flying objects they couldn’t explain.

“There was an unexplained aerial phenomenon, but there is no intelligence to suggest that there is nothing but the fact that this is unexplained,” Moeed said.

Exploring the unknown is enough for everyone to get a little excited.

“Wow! That’s what we want, we want to hear what’s great,” Chris said.

Both adults and children can come to the Willis Observatory. Chris said it was to excite people with the universe and all the possibilities that exist.

“I feel like a candy store kid,” said Chris.

In case of an unexpected landing, there are two people living on the landing platform … Aunt Ghat and her dog Licorice. She said it would be a welcome wagon.

“If they don’t scare me when they land, I think so,” said Aunt Ghat. “Licorice intends to drive them away.”

However, there is only one issue in this scenario. Licorice does not bark, so it could be something else.

“If you are, you are a friendly alien,” laughed Maureen Ultz of FOX46.

So the question is still there. Do aliens exist?

But the answer may not be too far.

Willis Observatory in North Carolina the only ‘official alien landing pad’ in U.S. Source link Willis Observatory in North Carolina the only ‘official alien landing pad’ in U.S.

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