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Portland, OregonPortland Tribune) — Wilsonville’s Kylie Fox can throw it flat.

“It” in this case is a javelin throw, and Fox currently has the best throw-in in the country for girls aged 13-14.

Fox, a freshman at Wilsonville High School, threw a javelin throw at 133 feet and 11 inches. All visitors meet Held this summer at Lake Oswego High School on June 16th, he hit 127 throws to win the AAU Qualifying Tournament in Yakima, Washington in June. She is currently preparing to test herself at several national competitions, including the USATF competition in Florida on July 30th and the AAU competition in August near Houston, Texas.

While happy with the success of the summer so far — her throw brought her within a foot — 5 inches of Wilsonville Hi Records held by Rebecca Wens (who continued to throw at Weber State University) — Fox is a new experience for her at a national level tournament.

“Ohno. I’ve never done that before,” she said. “I think I’m just going there, having fun, and just doing my best.”

Fox’s path to national attention was short. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was on track at her former junior high school, Jackson Middle School in Southwest Portland, but a year ago with her family (including her parents Jason and Cheryl Fox). Since moving to Wilsonville, we have made some really big progress. Train with Wildcats javelin coach Mike Hive.

“I’ve been throwing since grade 4, but I started throwing with Mike for a couple of months,” Fox said, highlighting the impact of coaching on her throw. “(It) is literally everything. That is, without Mike, I wouldn’t be here at all. I got my shape. Literally from Mike. I got all the aspects I could get from javelin throw. “

Hieb is pleased to acknowledge Fox’s diligence, leadership and success.

“Obviously she’s a great athlete. That’s the first part,” he said. “She was really good at sprints, jumps, throws, etc. when she was young. (But) I think the biggest thing since I met her is how instructive she is. She takes what you explain to her and easily develops it into a slow motion. She is motivated and goes home and what you give her (a particular lift, a particular stretch, or a technique) So … she’s a great athlete, but in addition she can get a coach. “

Fox started javelin throwing when he was in the fourth grade. This is the first season of the track, but admits it took some time for everything to be clicked.

“I just wanted to try everything, but then I really liked (Javelin),” Fox said. “Yes, I definitely didn’t click at first, but when I got the form, it was much better (completed), but I still have a lot to learn.”

Fox recalls one practice when she really started “getting” javelin after starting work with Hieb.

“There was this one practice where Mike brought one of the other girls — her name was Grace Mager — and I … (was) just looking at her and I was in my shape I felt that some of them had improved. I think I threw a PR that day as well. “

“She likes competition because she’s obviously as enthusiastic about records and people as any other high school pitcher,” says Hieb.

At the Lake Oswego tournament, Fox proved his love for competition and its positive impact on her performance. She admits that there is still room for growth and improvement, but now she knows how it feels to be a big blow.

“I don’t think I was throwing it well at first, but then I just threw it once and found that it was going a long way,” Fox said. “I feel like I’ve just started a whole body weight like myself, and usually I haven’t thought about it before (I did).”

Wilsonville’s Kylie Fox leads nation in javelin Source link Wilsonville’s Kylie Fox leads nation in javelin

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